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Suffering with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and looking for answers? In my blog, I explore more ways than the "established routes to treatment" and try to open up hearts and minds to other, non-invasive and safer alternatives. We explore the realms of dis-ease, nutrition, health, and wellness and make changes in order to HEAL, not just treat.
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Sunny's Bio

I lived on a farm when I was younger and spent a lot of time alone, drawing, playing with the animals, and otherwise in my own little world! After witnessing the separate deaths of my parents, I moved in with relatives and the journey began to get back to a place of peace.  I, of course, went numb for awhile but after time and deep inward contemplation, I started to wake up again.  That took a decade or so.  Through my exceptional ability to observe and feel into life, I was deeply inspired by my grandfather who I observed learning, debating, and reading on a daily basis.  School did not teach me how to learn, it was him.  He was the greatest example I have ever had in my life.  As I write this, he is 86 and still learning and vibrant as ever.  In my 20's, I decided it was time to get back to school and so enrolled in community college.  Having never been an exceptional academic student, I regarded this endeavor to be monumental! I graduated with honors and finished up at a four-year university with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology.  In my last year of undergrad college, I read The Tracker by Tom Brown, Jr.  That tiny book changed my life.  I quickly realized that the way science is approached had everything to do with the way people were thinking. Somewhere in there, I was exposed to the concepts of Spiral Dynamics.  I knew I could never "do" science the way it was being done.  A few months after graduation, I took my first wilderness survival class; braintanning deer hides.  At that point, it became a mission to take more classes and learn more about these skills and the Native Philosophy behind it on a much deeper level and I did so for the next decade. I also reluctantly started to try to reach the children through my blazingly passionate teachings on the environment and how to live more sustainably on it through environmental education. Reluctant because I was very nervous to speak in front of groups.  The more experience I had though, the more confident I became.  The deeper I was immersed into the environmental movement, the angrier I became at so many injustices to the earth in the name of progress and the economy.  I wasn't allowed to speak of Gaia or The ONE in these environmental classes. It was no longer about naming things and memorizing parts of the insect for me!  There was a different way and that way was just plain getting back to spending time in nature without environmental education!  I had to put distance between myself and all the horrible things I was sensing happening to the earth on every level. Throughout this decade or so of my life, I read many books about spirituality, the earth, reports, and picked up some new interests like learning the wildflowers and medicinal and edible plants.  I worked seasonally for two reasons that I can say right off the bat.  There were so many things holding the evolution back of the places I worked and I rarely, if ever, found a true, wise leader in any of the higher positions I reported to. Second, staying in a position would eventually mean sitting at a desk doing paperwork.  There is nothing more mind-numbing to me than doing paperwork for someone/thing else.  Basically, none of it was co-creation, but I didn't have any idea of that word or it's meaning then.  Off season I muddled by, sometimes even living out of my truck.  I took odd jobs and lived in odd places.  I managed to keep from paying a landlord/lady rent for most of that time. I didn't agree with that whole concept anyway...working so hard to have most of the money you are making go into the hands of the landlord/lady. So hence, the living in the truck or just plain being homeless.  I didn't opt for the streets of the cities and towns.  Too many desperate people full of fear and I would have to be watching my back all time.  No, I opted for the woods.  I looked on maps and found out where the National or state forests were and hunkered down into a camp spot for a few days at a time.  I bathed in streams, rigged up a camp shower at times, built cooking fires, found springs to drink wild water from, and just roamed. At night I slept in my truck.  I had various storage units over the years and sometimes lugged all my belongings around in my truck.  I have many boxes of books, writings, programs I've developed over the years and all the research that has gone with it, notebooks filled with spirtually-based classes I've participated in, notebooks and books from my academic schooling, and everything one might need to establish a home-like setting anywhere.  I have a little bit of kitchen items, bathroom, bedroom, office, camping, and a few boxes of memorabilia I've collected over the years. At times there was no phone, no internet, and no alarm clock.  There was no running water, unless there was a stream, and all the time there was no flushing toilet or shower.  It was very difficult to date or find love living as a nomad but I knew that no one I was seeing or had seen was THE ONE. Another handful of years passed and I felt called to go back to school to get a degree in teaching.  I felt I needed to become more financially stable and I wanted to be able to bring all my experiences and knowledge to the children of the next generations.  The only place I found that was in the Waldorf movement.  I considered earth schools but based on my experiences working in that field for many years, I felt there were still too many limiting factors to bringing in spirit-talk and openly being the person I had grown into.  I went ahead a pursued the Waldorf training and the M.Ed. as well.  So here I am, in limbo and ready to allow spirit to move me in the direction I need to go next.  It may not be as a Waldorf teacher, I am finding! When I started the Masters program, I became very sick with a condition brought on by being too acid for way too long.  My body had started to break down.  Earth angels were placed in my path to give me hints as to what path to take.  I eventually found the RAW diet and plunged head-first into learning about alternative nutrition, healing, and detoxification.  I was a standard American diet eater one day and the next day I became a RAW foodist.  When you know, you just know!  Three months later I was completely healed and experienced health as I had never experienced it before in my life!  I have made it one of the missions in my life to spread this amazing news and educate people on the benefits of RAW foods.  I want to give talks, be scheduled for speaking engagements, give consultations, and help people find that higher vibration through nutrition.  So who knows where spirit will take me next.  I am just doing what I love right now.