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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How we are thinking....that is part of the question...

Your brain is the tool you use to live your life and always has been.  How you use this amazing tool is up to many things.  To name a few....your culture, what you have been exposed to as a child (TV, video games, parent's thinking, school, etc...), what is innately in you as an individual coming to this world, and so much more.

Your brain can be developed as a fine-working, additive, expansive tool and it can be developed as the enemy that you fight battles with all your life and it can be developed anywhere in between that.

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How often do you feel something, an urge to do something or not do something and you do not listen to it because you end up ignoring that feeling or talking yourself out of it?  This is exactly what I am talking about.

The brain is NOT CAPABLE of making these decisions for you all by itself.  It will most likely steer you wrong being in the driver's seat.  Now, if the brain gets put in its place in the passenger seat with the heart in the driver's seat then the car can be steered in the right direction.  And whatever that right direction is, is right for you and no one else.

Being a educator, I am exposed to current children's brain research.  What they are saying is absolutely frightening!  The developing brain of a child can be steered into 'madness' when young causing troubles far and wide with the least of it being trouble in school.  Once those neuron pathways (the information pathways-the electrical pathways that route your thoughts) are laid down, it is near impossible to change them.

So think about this.  Think about a brain developed on video games and think about a brain developed without video games; perhaps with outside games.  Those brains develop VERY differently.  Add to this children who are coming into this world with a weak constitution (because of our flailing food industry) already; who are coming into this world energetically sensitive to meet the needs of the coming times, of children who are just plain sensitive to everything in their environment.....  and you've got a recipe for enlightenment or disaster.  These children are really at the mercy of adults.  Let's pray that the adults in their lives are worthy enough, conscious enough, loving enough that it serves to lay a growing foundation for these children's brain formation.

I have seen what it looks like when a sensitive child is exposed to mass murder, killing sprees, battle and guns - in a video game.  They become a neurotic, shaky, booger-picking and eating, shirt-eating, socially unacceptable, belligerent, bully of a child who makes teacher's lives in school difficult to say the least.  I have to be a damn militant teacher to keep them in line.  This is not the teacher I ever wanted to be.

OK. Fast forward to adulthood.  Has anything changed?  Is the neurotic mess of a child, who's adrenals are now shot, changed into a serene metaphysical loving adult?  Again, I'm not talking about the exceptions (people just love pointing that out - like there is a gazillion of the exceptions.  There is not.  I'm talking about the masses of people growing up like this that will one day make the world go 'round).

If they are like so many Americans, they have moved along on the conveyor belt of life and had to make do with this kind of unconscious upbringing.  Welcome BIG PHARMA to deal with neurosis and depression and foggy brains and cellular memories of the video killing sprees (which are actually REAL according to your brain - it cannot discern between).

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Enter the HEART.  If the adult has in any way been on a spiritual path or even metaphysical to deepen their experience of the world we all live in....then they know about opening the heart.  When a person lives from the heart, these old wounds can be healed.   There are those out there who believe that the actual neuron pathways can be changed to function in your brain in a more beneficial manner.  But the mass of Americans are not even to living out of the heart let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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There are so many tools you can use to train the brain, to develop better thinking, to be more peaceful, to be smarter, to be this or that.  To truly live a deep and meaningful life, however, the heart has to be awakened.  It is only from the heart in the driver's seat that you can live from your authentic self and heal and live the life you came here to live.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

(iamge from
(WWW.eftUNIVERSE.COM is a good resource)

Somehow, adults so often go down these roads of wrong feeling (some would call this thinking) that they want things a certain way or they should be a certain way (a type of OCD).  Those are the beliefs the adults hold and then they use the brain to live out these beliefs by doing and saying and thinking and feeling from that belief(s).  So often the thinking is really feeling and that feeling is stuck in 5th grade.  I want this!  I need that!  It's this way and if you don't agree then you're a nobody and I don't like you!  I'm hurting (with IC) and you can go to hell!  Nobody is supporting me (because I'm in pain) so I can't heal!  If you don't acknowledge my pain (with IC) than it gets worse!   

It's a thing, isn't it?  When one person gives their power away to another and makes that other person become their lord and master of their own feelings, thoughts and emotions.  That way, when things go 'wrong,' they have someone to blame.  

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Sounds like 5th grade, doesn't it???  How can we have such immaturity with our emotions at adulthood?   Are the leaders we vote for just as immature?

So opening the heart is a double-edged sword I guess.  You surely can open it through many tools and experiences but once it's opened, how you go about your business could be disastrous if your emotions are stuck in 5th grade or they could lend to the healing the planet or somewhere in between.  The only thing to do is to continue working on yourself as a human being....seeking out experiences to expand your horizons, living as if you mattered, living as if others mattered, working to heal your past, learning about how people think and why people act as they do, becoming familiar with brain research that shows how it all happens......basically learning and growing CONTINUALLY.  

Once the heart is functioning in the driver's seat, it too has to go through some healing and growing.  You can need or not need, you can be jealous or not be jealous, you can love or be spiteful.....  the growing process is never ending and what I am continually seeing is people who just plain STOPPED growing and got on the conveyor belt of life and just started chugging along until their death.  It's sad, it's disheartening, it's ugly.  I know we can be beautiful's those exceptions now....because I've seen it happen with people who are truly healing and living from the heart and are using the brain as only a fine-functioning tool to aid in their living.

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