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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Stay Away from Canned Foods?

(as much as possible....)

I recently came across an old book entitled Foods That Heal by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  He mentions food items in this book I've never heard of and haven't yet looked up online.  He used terms like "cocktail" instead of juice (although he uses the term juice too) and he doesn't hold back with the gory details of experiments on animals that prove the message he's trying to convey.
In our modern world full of set schedules and deadlines, with the adrenals being overtaxed just by living today, we don't always have time to prepare meals from scratch.  That's why there are so many packaged foods - they wouldn't be in business if people didn't use them!
I think we have come to depend too heavily on prepared foods, specifically canned foods.  One item to note on canned foods that's really woo-woo for those that have done no research into the metaphysical fields, is that the frequency of canned foods is 0 (zero).  I was researching the Solfeggio Frequencies and Sound Healing when I was healing 2.5 years ago.  Along with that I was certified in Raindrop Therapy which uses oils that have a specific frequency to "hone in" on the area of the body that matches the frequency.  All this research into frequencies led me to food frequencies and the previously stated fact about canned foods.
The food in cans may be filling, but it gives NO life energy to the body whatsoever.
I think Dr. Jensen put it best:
"Those that depend on "empty" foods, such as some canned foods, should be aware that these products were never intended to provide optimum nutrition.  Quite the contrary, they were developed as an emergency stopgap to stave off death by starvation." p53
Further he states, "Food canning was nineteenth century French scientists' response to Napoleon Bonaparte's order to find a way for French armies to carry food.  When enemy armies burned fields and food as they  retreated, the French soldiers faced death by starvation.  Canned foods helped them eat when no "live" food could be found." p53
It doesn't matter if the canned food is from the best source and organic, its frequency is still 0 and much of the nutrition has been processed out.
Best to use frozen foods if you need to rely on something to make quick meals.  Even better is to use your own garden produce and freeze that.
And of course the best of all is fresh, living foods.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How We Get Our Information

A great man once told me to pay no attention to magazines, the TV, the radio, and all mainstream channels of information if I really wanted to get at the truth.  I believe this is why so many people suffering with diseases have little chance of true and actual healing.  They are stuck on an information highway in which the only available paths to treatment and help are through narrow channels such as the medical institution and other large organizations.  

These establishments give a lot of information to the public such as cancer needs millions or billions of dollars to research so they can find a cure and Interstitial Cystitis is incurable.  
Well there is no more plain way to say this; both are a lie.
How exactly does one get away from being trapped on the mainstream information highway?  What steps are made that get a person from believing that they should receive radiation poisoning for their cancer to going to a detoxification center for their cancer?  I wish I knew the answers to these questions because loved ones would now be living.  
A good place to start gathering information about any subject is to focus on what is not mainstream that may or may not have a following.
For instance, if you want to be healthy and "healed," thriving instead of just living, you might take a look at healthy people and see what they are doing or read up on really healthy people who are elite athletes, people who don't get sick, people who are teaching about healthy diets and lifestyles.
Mainstream diet schemes don't work all mainstream diets that you have heard of, go ahead and throw those out the window.
Most people floating in the mainstream highway don't know the "ping" words used in the cultures that are healthy and thriving because the culture is so different - another paradigm.
So a good and easy place to begin is to google "nutritional healing," "healing with nutrition," and "how to heal with food."  This will give you a good start into researching the different ways to heal than what you might be used to.

Another barrier to getting off the mainstream information highway is when someone refuses to read anything other than what's on an internet page and it's 2 pages long.  
To delve deeper into information, try heading to your local bookstore and perusing the sections on health staying away from all mainstream diets you've already heard of.  Look for the titles that intrigue you and do not require you to invest in a lot of gadgets and programs.  Peruse the pages of the books that interest you.  Find out what is in them and make a decision as to whether you feel this book has something to offer you in your healing quest.   Read the whole book.  Start with 10 pages per day.  I normally read at night before I go to bed and sometimes on the weekend out in some cafe'.  

You will pick up bits of information you did not know before.  Hopefully this will intrigue you.  Hopefully this will bring up questions for you.  Hopefully, if the book didn't do a darn thing for you, you will go back to the bookstore or to and purchase more books that you think will help you to solve the puzzle.  Because sickness is a puzzle and you have got to figure out how to put the pieces together.  You will not find this out from your friends, neighbors or postal worker nor on the TV, in magazines, or in the newspaper.

Yet another is depending on what others say and getting information from your immediate circle of people you have contact with.  Yes, great tips are to be had and I am not knocking this means of getting information.  The kind of information you need though, to heal from IC (or any disease) and to thrive is not going to be found in this circle.  So there you sit, no one to "consult" about your disease...your IC.......they don't know and very few will be able to help in any real way.  You've got to depend on yourself to search in meaningful ways.  Asking those you may know in the medical field about "miraculous healings" might help if they know what helped with the miraculous healing and can tell you.  Most people in the medical field are schooled only in the allopathic medical approach in which terms such as "treatment" and "cure" and "heal" are used.  The different paradigm that I am talking about tries not to use these terms because they do not believe in them.  Treatment is only a band-aid approach and to cure something means that somehow we don't have control over the causes of the disease and the cure came from outside the body..both of which are untrue.  So you probably want to consult another kind of "expert" such as a Reiki Master, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Sound Healer...or some other outside-the-mainstream person working to bring about inner health in people.  Ask them about healing and what their thoughts are on this subject.  Gather information.

And the last barrier (I will discuss here) to getting the information you need that would help you with your dis-ease is the fervor with which the information is gathered.  Going to the library once a week is not going to cut it.  This must become your life mission because this mission is to save your life.  
I hope that the deeply important message here is not lost on those who are in denial about the severity of their situation.  If you need a reminder about this...think now about who you would say goodbye to if you had 1 hour left to live.  What would you say to those people, what loose ends would you tie up, and what would you say that has been left unsaid?  If you take that exercise seriously enough, you should be crying soon.  It is sobering to say the least.
Active research and the gathering of information about your dis-ease should take number one priority in your life.  You should become an expert at your dis-ease and be looking into all the theories and possible causes you can read about.  You will stumble upon new information through your investigations.  Follow those leads wherever they lead.  Do not discount the things that sound preposterous because remember, those that are among the elite, healthiest people on this earth believe different things than those riding on the mainstream highway.  Sometimes the beliefs conflict.  So instead of discounting, follow those leads too.  

And one more thing...  all the nay-sayers and the people who will become a barrier ....those that think you are crazy for stepping off the mainstream highway.....  leave them in the dust while you piece your puzzle together and learn not only how to be healthy but to thrive.