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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Beliefs

I speak of a paradigm in previous blogs which I explained as a way that someone and groups of someones think, act, behave, are, dress, enact laws...etc...  Obviously there are levels of thinking and these change based on how much you educate yourself and your life experiences.
I arrived at work a bit early today because I like to be able to sit in my truck and read a few pages in some raw book before I go in.  Today it was Susan Schenck's book The Live Food Factor.  I have read the 600+ page book once already and now am going back through with a fine tooth comb highlighting the pieces that speak to me.  I landed on a new chapter today - chapter 4 - and I was blown away again!  Except I don't remember being blown away this much the first time around!

It is entitled "A Paradigm Shift in How We View Disease and Health" (p97) we are back at our beliefs.  It's always about beliefs and never has been about food.
She states my thoughts so exactly that I want to quote the first two pages but that is a copyright infringement.
She states, "If a scientist works from the wrong theories or from misconceptions based on wrong assumptions, [s]he will ask the wrong questions and design and conduct irrelevant experiments resulting in erroneous conclusions that may even result in dangerous consequences" (p97).
So if I am a scientist, which I am (I have an undergrad in Biology), and I believed that chemo and drugs were the only viable way to treat cancer, I would prescribe that for my patients especially if I had no other training other than the allopathic model of medicine.
Because when a person chooses a career path, they are very well indoctrinated into that path, that paradigm.  For some career paths, if you think outside that paradigm, if you question the status quo, if you go OUTSIDE that particular field to investigate causes, ideas, other may as well be committing career-death.  Bruce Lipton found this out all too well - he calls himself the "Rouge Scientist."  He was OUTSTED from his field because he asked questions and went beyond.  He revealed through his research things the scientific community didn't want to hear.  Then he wrote a book about it called The Biology of Belief and made a lot of money (and changed a lot of minds!).
Another quote from Schenck, "Virtually all raw fooders and other holistic health proponents no longer accept the conventional medical model of disease origin and its so-called cures via drugs, various treatments and surgery.  Yet most members of conventional society still do see disease as due to a mystery, the passage of time, genetic flaws or unfortunate encounters with malevolent microbes" (p100).

So imagine someone who is a holistic-minded person speaking with someone who say, has been diagnosed with IC and for the first time in their lives chose to visit a health food store.  Could you imagine the conversation?  One believes that there is no mystery to disease and the other one feels blindsided by this disease that seems to have come out of nowhere and the doctors have been unable to find any cure for it so it's definitely a mystery!

Can we see just how much education has to take place to even start speaking on the same page?  That's why for a large portion of the people I have contact with, I keep it superficial and light.  Paradigm shifts are best when prompted by something in each person's reality, not prompted by me!  In my case the paradigm shift was prompted by my failing health.  There is no greater kick in the pants than that!

Mark Twain once said, "Be careful of reading health books.  You may die of a misprint."

Education.  Education.  Education.  Cross-reference the information.  Read many books on the same subject.  In this country we can educate ourselves to a great extent.  Take advantage of that freedom and see why these blasphemous holistic-minded people think that disease is not a mystery instead of judging them for being in another paradigm.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."  Albert Einstein

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