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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Since Susan Schenck's book was written WITH a lady named Victoria Bidwell, PhD, EdD who is a Natural Hygienist, the book The Live Food Factor has a lot of underpinnings of Natural Hygiene thought.  Victoria explains that the "enervation" means "exhaustion so deep the body is in trouble" (p105) and "it is the first stage of disease: the result of the body being so low on energy that poisons created within the body and poisons taken into the body from outside sources accumulate in the fluids and cells, and finally, in the tissues and organs and systems" (p105).

This is a word used by the Natural Hygiene movement and from this belief comes the way in which they approach looking at dis-ease and healing.  Natural Hygienists DO NOT use the terms "treatment" or "therapy" or "cure" or "medicine."  They do not like using the term "detoxification" either and only will in the sense that when the Natural Hygiene system is used to restore health, the body will naturally go through a shedding of unwanted toxins out of the body but is in no way made to by more aggressive means such as taking chemicals or doing liver cleanses and the like.  Very natural indeed.

They believe there is only One Disease - TOXEMIA (an overload of toxic build-up) and only One Healing Process - INCREASE ENERGY, DETOX, REPAIR.

This is VERY similar to the Raw Food paradigm thinking.  One disease and one healing process except they use health terms more loosely!

Further along in my reading and research and with my ever-present radar on looking for reasons why those suffering with IC are not healing..... I came across some intriguing information.
Natural Hygienists categorize disease into two categories: Acute Disease and Chronic Disease.
I feel that Interstitial Cystitis falls into both categories depending on how quickly one changes their lifestyle to promote health instead of disease.

Recently I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns.  In one episode, Warf, the Tactical Officer is giving a martial arts lesson to an lower-ranked Ensign.  He says that she is ready for a test but has to be blindfolded and that it will take place right away.  He blindfolds her and tells her to defend herself.  She tries but fails again and again and again.  After the third time, she roughly takes off her blindfold and says "This test is not fair!"  Warf leans into her and says, "Very good.  Maybe next time you encounter a situation like this, you will not have to fail so many times before you speak up for yourself."

How many times will you keep going back to the medical establishment and being beaten up before you stand up for yourself?
Weeks?  Months?  Years?

I suffered about 8 months.  I wasn't going to sit there and let the medical establishment poke and prod me like some cow in a slaughter house.  I was fierce about this belief in wanting NO part of being dependent on the medical community!!                             Fierce like a warrior in battle!!

Where is your inner Warrior?  
How many times are you willing to get burned by the light before
you wake up to our own healing potential?
How long are you willing to be suffering in pain and agony
before you take a stand and say no more?

How long you wait has a direct effect on the amount of enervation of your body.  Some women with IC have been suffering for YEARS!!!  DECADES!!!  This has led to complete enervation of the body and leading particular organs into chronic illnesses.

The body becomes unable to cope with any type of detox because the level of
energy needed to perform this internal cleansing is not present in the body.

As I have written before, you have to back up!  Assess whether you have enough health to take on the Raw Food lifestyle, to allow the detoxing that needs to occur.  In my case the feeling was immediate that the raw paradigm was for me and I didn't even flinch.  I changed overnight.  Others are not so lucky...they do not have access to their inner knowing and are unsure of what steps to take.  This, I'm sure, is a very scary place to be!
Also, what I have been noticing is that MANY people overestimate the level of their health thinking that they are in better health overall than they actually are! 
IC is not only a problem with the bladder.  You have allowed this problem to go on so long, as I did, that it is now a disabling disease.  If the problem continues it becomes worse and worse finally resulting in a cancer, perhaps, or a removal of said organ, or many years of "treatment" by the medical establishment.  
And it doesn't stop there.  This problem arose because the body is in a state of enervation to begin with - a toxic state of too much acidity (and possibly exposure to chemical toxins, environmental toxins, etc).  The underlying cause is ENERVATION.  You were enervated to begin were exposed or the levels of toxins rose to such a level that organs began to fail.  
If you were not enervated to begin with, you would not be having this issue at all.  You would have had the energy available to handle this toxic juice or exposure.
As Bidwell states in The Live Food Factor, "First, disease evolves from enervation to toxemia to acute symptoms.  When these symptoms are not reversed through healthful living habits, the symptoms worsen and evolve further into chronic disease" (p111).

For those that have chosen to allow the symptoms to go on and on and on
without changing their living habits and only relying on pills and medical
treatments, I believe they have allowed the condition of IC to degenerate into
a chronic illness.  Therefore, I believe that it will take a lot more than
the Raw Food Lifestyle to address their healing.  The body of a person 
like that cannot even begin to have the energy for a healing crisis/detox event.

Bidwell claims, "Examples of short-lived acute illnesses are diarrhea, headache, indigestion, fatigue, all -itises in their early stages [IC if you catch it early as I did] and the so-called common cold and flu" (p111).
And further, " Acute disease reflects a strong enough energy supply and reserve vitality that powerful elimination of toxic waste and repair processes are still possible.  Chronic disease reflects a long-term state of toleration of toxins.  It is a state of continued elimination of enough toxins to sustain life but in compromised and lowered health.  In the latter stages of chronic disease, the natural healing rate is much slower for health seekers who have weakened their defense mechanisms" (p112).

So we CANNOT go around thinking that all people suffering with IC are in the same stage of the disease and all will be equally affected by changing to a raw food diet.
I was vibrant, vital, and energetic to begin with!  I was only 38!  Those who have eaten the wrong foods for a long time, had other health issues of the chronic sort, age, have gone through surgeries and other medical interventions....ALL these things need to be taken into consideration before embarking on this most awesome journey into the raw paradigm.
For some it may go much slower and the road will be much harder.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Beliefs

I speak of a paradigm in previous blogs which I explained as a way that someone and groups of someones think, act, behave, are, dress, enact laws...etc...  Obviously there are levels of thinking and these change based on how much you educate yourself and your life experiences.
I arrived at work a bit early today because I like to be able to sit in my truck and read a few pages in some raw book before I go in.  Today it was Susan Schenck's book The Live Food Factor.  I have read the 600+ page book once already and now am going back through with a fine tooth comb highlighting the pieces that speak to me.  I landed on a new chapter today - chapter 4 - and I was blown away again!  Except I don't remember being blown away this much the first time around!

It is entitled "A Paradigm Shift in How We View Disease and Health" (p97) we are back at our beliefs.  It's always about beliefs and never has been about food.
She states my thoughts so exactly that I want to quote the first two pages but that is a copyright infringement.
She states, "If a scientist works from the wrong theories or from misconceptions based on wrong assumptions, [s]he will ask the wrong questions and design and conduct irrelevant experiments resulting in erroneous conclusions that may even result in dangerous consequences" (p97).
So if I am a scientist, which I am (I have an undergrad in Biology), and I believed that chemo and drugs were the only viable way to treat cancer, I would prescribe that for my patients especially if I had no other training other than the allopathic model of medicine.
Because when a person chooses a career path, they are very well indoctrinated into that path, that paradigm.  For some career paths, if you think outside that paradigm, if you question the status quo, if you go OUTSIDE that particular field to investigate causes, ideas, other may as well be committing career-death.  Bruce Lipton found this out all too well - he calls himself the "Rouge Scientist."  He was OUTSTED from his field because he asked questions and went beyond.  He revealed through his research things the scientific community didn't want to hear.  Then he wrote a book about it called The Biology of Belief and made a lot of money (and changed a lot of minds!).
Another quote from Schenck, "Virtually all raw fooders and other holistic health proponents no longer accept the conventional medical model of disease origin and its so-called cures via drugs, various treatments and surgery.  Yet most members of conventional society still do see disease as due to a mystery, the passage of time, genetic flaws or unfortunate encounters with malevolent microbes" (p100).

So imagine someone who is a holistic-minded person speaking with someone who say, has been diagnosed with IC and for the first time in their lives chose to visit a health food store.  Could you imagine the conversation?  One believes that there is no mystery to disease and the other one feels blindsided by this disease that seems to have come out of nowhere and the doctors have been unable to find any cure for it so it's definitely a mystery!

Can we see just how much education has to take place to even start speaking on the same page?  That's why for a large portion of the people I have contact with, I keep it superficial and light.  Paradigm shifts are best when prompted by something in each person's reality, not prompted by me!  In my case the paradigm shift was prompted by my failing health.  There is no greater kick in the pants than that!

Mark Twain once said, "Be careful of reading health books.  You may die of a misprint."

Education.  Education.  Education.  Cross-reference the information.  Read many books on the same subject.  In this country we can educate ourselves to a great extent.  Take advantage of that freedom and see why these blasphemous holistic-minded people think that disease is not a mystery instead of judging them for being in another paradigm.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."  Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SAD or S.A.D.?

Recently I came across this acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  The National Institute of Health (NIH) has this to say about SAD; "Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is episodes of depression that occur at a certain time of the year, usually during winter."
At first glance, I recognized SAD right away.  I was flabbergasted that I was seeing an article outside of the raw community that was addressing SAD.  But alas, they were writing about a different SAD.  I let go of a sigh.
The SAD I know of stands for the Standard American Diet.  
It refers to the "quantities of refined grains and sugars and engineered, processed foods, [which] has also created a roller-coaster ride of cravings and energy swings..." p51 from Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D.
I wonder how people who are eating primarily alkalizing foods including vegetable broths, sprouts, homemade vegetable soups, soaked nuts and seeds, salads, and green smoothies (I include some warm foods - the soups and broths because it is winter here now.  Normally, a 'purist' would not include any heated or cooked foods in their raw food diet.  I am not a purist.) do as far as the more well-known term for SAD.  Do they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?  I know very well how eating a more pure type of food balances hormones and menstrual cycles, reduces aggravation and mood swings drastically, increases tolerance levels dramatically, and induces an overall state of happiness and vitality.  I personally experienced this change when I gave up meat, dairy, breads/pasta, processed foods, and caffeine.  
Some people look at me flabbergasted and ask, "Then what do you eat if you don't eat that?!" as if the vegetable and fruit groups don't exist.  It gives me an indication of where their mind is at and where I should possibly start from when speaking about raw foodism. 
"As you increase the fresh, raw food in your diet, you will notice an increase in positive thinking" from Susan Schenck's book The Live Food Factor p8.
Quoted in Schenck's book p8, "If your blood stock is formed from eating the foods I teach, your brain will function in a manner that will surprise you. Your former life will take on the appearance of a dream, and for the first time in your existence, your consciousness awakens to a real self-consciousness ... Your mind, your thinking, your ideals, your aspirations and your philosophy change fundamentally" originally from the book Mucusless Diet Healing System by Prof. Arnold Ehret.  
"Mental health is tremendously enhanced.  Many raw fooders find that they become freed from former addictions" Schenck's book, p9.

Schenck speaks of Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute who 
"has seen mental problems like paranoia, depression, 
manic depression and schizophrenia disappear on raw foods..." 
and that "mental illness is exacerbated by hormonal
imbalances from eating meat pumped with hormones,
pesticides poisoning from commercial produce and
a high level of body acidity from eating animal and
processed foods.  Eating a raw, organic diet is directly linked
to the amelioration or elimination of these problems" p9.

"By detoxifying your physical body, you begin a process that will help you cleanse and transform your thoughts and emotions" p 240 of Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life by Cherie Calbom.

As stated in my recent article in Natural Awakenings, November 2011 issue, every single parent I know of, have heard of, been exposed to...every single one knows how food effects their children.  Children have not had the luxury of time, aging, a sense of disciplining their own thoughts and emotions.  They say and do what they are called and led to do without hesitation, reservation, or inhibition.  In general, children are drawn to fruit when younger and then as the teen years present themselves, the diet moves towards more and more processed foods.  Of all the times in a person's life to be eating processed foods, which act on their growth and literally everything in their lives, childhood and especially the teen years is NOT a good time!  Erratic emotions, mood swings, indecision, bucking authority - all worsen and can become explosive if eating processed foods.  
Just because we are adults and have 'socialized' and have jobs and ..... does not mean that we are invincible to the effects of processed foods.  Wouldn't that be a bit egotistical of us to think that way?  We grow up and all of a sudden we are impervious to the effects of food!  Perhaps we just haven't given this enough thought while we are racing from one soccer game to another basketball game and then home to make dinner and then up to do it all again tomorrow.  I know the rat race well and I know how there is little time for anything other than just the basics.  Please give my suggestion a chance.

Incorporate more living, raw foods into your daily diet. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you could alleviate some or all of your symptoms by giving up the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).