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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rawligious Zeal

We've all been privy to the summer days when we're doing our own little thing, going about our own little business at home and we hear the door bell ring.  We answer the door with a smile but much to our chagrin, it's the young lads who want you to convert to their way of thinking about life and life ever-after.  They are willing to go to any length to debate and argue with you about their interpretation of their sacred text.  The ZEAL with which these young people move forward is astounding!!

Well, I've read in more than one place now and heard that this zeal of the newly converted is not relegated to only religion in this world!  Oh no!

I myself have been through the zeal and now after two years being in the raw world, I've seen others get the zeal after experiencing the transformations that can take place when eating a high raw diet.  And so it went for about a year after I "converted" to a raw diet in order to heal myself.  I went about telling everyone who would listen to me that raw is the way to go - RAW IS FOR EVERYONE!  RAW CAN HEAL THE PLANET!  Raw is this and raw is that and please try, I'll make a smoothie and then you can try it!  I'll make some raw food I know you'll love!  Very few and I mean very few people even raised an eyebrow, let alone tried the food.  One of my dear friends who is very active in recreational sports took up the green smoothie but loaded it with a lot more fruit than I normally put in it.  I stayed with her for about a month and she drank the green-fruit smoothie daily.  I'm not sure if she continued it - I never asked.  My zeal has calmed a bit these days and I must say, it's a load off.  When the door is slammed in your face, so to speak, on more occasions than not, you learn to chose carefully what topics to bring up and what to leave alone.

I realized very fast that no amount of cajoling, talking, or smiling was going to impress people to look into this further.  Eating our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is SO entirely ingrained in what we think and do, so outside the thoughts about true nourishment, that I finally realized that I was not going to get anywhere with someone who was not ALREADY looking into this way of eating/being.

I also realized that I was not dealing with FOOD when talking with people.  I was asking people to move beyond their very deeply ingrained beliefs about life and food and love and health!  I was asking for a miracle, really.

Because when we get to the topic of food, it's all about your beliefs and not at all about food.

"It's easier to change a man's [person's] religion than to change his [their] diet." Margaret Mead

I agree with Margaret Mead.  I've been studying the ideas that underpin the raw way of life for about two years now, and might I add with the same ZEAL as the newly converted!  Ha Ha!  I don't expect that zeal will ever change when it comes to learning and researching health and nutrition.  I just have to understand and realize that this is a huge bite to chew on.  Someone who is unaccustomed to thinking in different ways will have a very hard time listening to anything about the raw lifestyle.

These days I offer my services and try to educate the best I can.  The topic of eating raw DOES come up quite often, but only because eating food is a part of most everyone's life.  My grandfather advised me to just live how I want to live, eating what I want to eat and leave it at that.  The proof is in the "raw" pudding.  I've realized that no amount of my talking to anyone will allow them to FEEL the changes happening when they eat a high raw diet.  So I must be the example - yet that is a side priority.  The true priority is to be the best I can be, the healthiest me I can be.  To do that I have to wrestle with my own beliefs, heal my body, heal karma and the weak organs/systems I was born with genetically, find places to buy organic food, find places to get young coconuts that won't cost me my first born, and on and on....

As Dan the Man, Liferegenerator says, "If you're not getting your butt kicked on a daily basis, something is wrong!"  Unless we wrestle with our underlying beliefs about food, NOTHING will change on a more permanent basis.  Our willpower will only get us so far.  We must take the time to educate ourselves about WHY people eat raw, what the benefits are, and all the information to back up this way of being/thinking/doing.  And even then many people will stick to what they already know, what they grew up with.

It is very unfortunate that a lot of people come to the raw lifestyle because of a disease that they need to heal when conventional medicine has failed.  I already knew that the medical field had nothing to offer me in the way of healing.  After reading others' testimony about the lab tests, treatments, excruciating pain, mental and emotional trauma, surgeries, and many years of torment with enduring Interstitial Cystitis, I am deeply glad that I knew not to even try the medical route.  I did not suffer long....maybe 6-8 months before I found raw and became a newly converted.  THE RAW LIFESTYLE DID NOT JUST LAND IN MY LAP!  I was very committed to finding another way for healing so I was adamantly searching - I had the light-tower light on and it was pulsing with desire to find a way!!  And so I found it in the raw lifestyle.

The moral to this story is that each one of us must find it within ourselves to self-educate.  There is no other way to becoming a self-actualized person.  It's a difference of putting your health in the hands of another or empowering yourself to become responsible for your health.  If you are not responsible for your own health, what other things in your life are you not responsible for?  Isn't taking responsibility what it means to be an adult, to become freer, to live more alive, to heal, to thrive???

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