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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The pH Scale - Alkaline and Acid

Here I was, going on and on about alkalinity and how it's so important to be alkaline in your diet.  I was rattling off the foods that are alkaline and how certain foods may taste acidic but are actually alkaline when processed in your body.  I was mentioning that most standard American diet foods are acid and that it's so hard to find foods when you are out and about that are alkaline, especially at restaurants.  On and on I went.
Then my friend asked me, "What does alkaline mean?"
Screeeecccchhhhhh!  Back up!

Let's start from the top!  The pH scale tests whether a chemical, a food, water, etc... is acid or alkaline.  There are many images online to show some products that are alkaline (basic) and those that are acid.  The scale is 0 to 14.  7 is in the middle or Neutral.  0-6 is Acid.  8-14 is Alkaline (Basic).
It can get very complex...all we really need to know are a few things in regards to health and the pH scale...

Disease will thrive in an acid body.  It won't in an alkaline (basic) body.
Our modern standard American diet is mostly acid.
Our modern American lives are fraught with disease and suffering.
There is a =connection= there!!!

Fortunately, all the information that we would ever need to make necessary changes in our diet and lifestyles to become more alkaline is at our fingertips.
There is a reason that the FDA recommends 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables every day!
I don't know of 1 person that actually tries to eat all of that!  Except myself that is - I drink those crazy-looking GREEN SMOOTHIES in which I get many servings of greens and at least 2 of fruit.  Then I eat other vegetables and fruit during the day.

What foods are alkaline? See picture below.....simple, huh?

image from

OK so....knowing that our whole society is geared towards the standard American diet, that all restaurants (especially in this area of the Poconos) serve the standard fare - be it Irish, Italian, Polish, etc... or even worse the fast-food establishments' food.....that ALL socializing out and about inevitably leads at some point to going out to eat, meeting for a drink, a business meal....


What if we are gluten-intolerant?  Lactose-intolerant? MSG-intolerant? GMO-intolerant? Non-local-intolerant?   We cannot keep going out and eating a salad made from cheap, pesticide-laden and nutritionally depleted ICEBURG LETTUCE costing us almost $10 dollars!!  This is just absurd!

Personally, I end up eating at home most of the time.  When I go out with others, no one I know is concerned with eating something that would be alkalizing to the body.  I almost always end up eating something that is acid-forming and sometimes it is the main portion of the meal.  I usually consider these times to be the "cheat" times.   I try to make going-out hinge around something other than food, but that is almost impossible to do sometimes!

It's good to allow the cheat days so you can still socialize with those who do not share your thoughts about these matters.  Several times I have offered to make a picnic and to meet at a local park instead of eating at a local restaurant which serves nothing I prefer to eat.  This has brought many good times and good memories into my life!
We really have to get creative when transitioning into a more alkaline lifestyle.  Our whole of society is not set up to support it.  We MUST forge ahead if we are to be free of the various kinds of dis-eases that affect us and the people around us.  Forge your own path to healing and health through dedication and discipline in eating an alkaline diet.

Here's an example of an alkaline meal:
A large salad made with romaine and spinach lettuces as the MAIN portion
a small piece of chicken

This meal is mostly alkaline and the greens will help in the heavier protein digestion.
As long as the meal is mostly alkaline, you can eat the things you are accustomed to eating.
When you strive to do this at EVERY meal - having the alkaline portion as the biggest portion, your body will be in a state of alkalinity and you will be able to ward off many bacteria, viruses, and other dis-eases.  

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