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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So so much has transpired during the past two years of my life since I decided to heal myself naturally and nutritionally.  I fell behind with my youtube videos and stopped making them for almost a year.  I still feel called to keep reaching out to those who are seeking to forge a new path for themselves in their healing journey.

As some of you know from my facebook page, I turned 40 at the beginning of September.  This was a monumental occasion for me.  I watched my father die at 39 when I was 11.  A year later we were told that my mother had an inoperable cancer.  That took her life the next year, when she was 39.  I never saw them age so will always remember them young.  At 39, I must say that I felt so vibrant and able.  Now at 40, I feel like I need to reassess my life and take stock of what is.
A huge weight has been released off my shoulders and I feel like sighing all the time!

So for my birthday month, I did some special things for myself.  I had a local place make me an ice cream cake with a nature theme.  Don't worry, I just helped myself to one slice and shared the rest with a group of people I worked with.  The cake-maker surprised me - isn't this gorgeous!
Some friends took me out to eat as well.  I spent a bit more time in nature.  I booked a spa massage.

AND I decided to drive up to the FRUITARIAN FESTIVAL in upstate New York where the Liferegenerator was making an appearance as well.  I had heard about the festival but couldn't afford the whole week's stay.  But then the Liferegenerator said there was a day rate!  So I drove up and stayed one night. I attended all the talks I could, I went for a hike, and I sat next to a pond.  I ate the fruits and vegetables they served buffet style.  
If you are wondering what a Fruitarian is, it is someone who eats mainly fruits for nourishment.  Some items we think are vegetables are actually fruits, like the tomato. 
AND I met Dan the Man - Liferegenerator.  He was my initial inspiration to start the raw journey into healing and health.  Here's the video - I show up at 7:55
The people were and are absolutely amazing!  After Dan's talk on green juices and smoothies, I approached him and introduced myself as Sunny.  He drew a blank and asked what my youtube name was.  As soon as I said "Go4Discipline" he jumped up and hugged me!!  What wonderful, loving energy that dude has!
The day was filled with a kind of joy and love that I only experience in the smattering of classes/seminars/gatherings that I've attended over the years with others on the spiritual path.  People smiled and said hello, spontaneous hugs and laughter, campfires, dance parties (with no alcohol - only dancing for the sake of dancing - very innocent like), sharing....  it was truly fabulous.  I even saw and met a couple of the Raw Brahs.  I am SO glad I decided to go. 
I love the driving time alone with no music.  That part of New York State - near the Catskills is simply breathtaking.  I stopped at a farmer's stand on the way home and bought some fruit to eat.  Yummy! 
I also looked online for some places I could go in this area of the Poconos to meet other Raw Foodists and Fruitarians.  I came across a place called Arnold's Way.  I googled the name and found that he also has a youtube channel.  So I checked it out and low and behold - I recognized him .. Arnold.  He was at the festival!  So I planned a trip down to his store and to try to bump into him.  We had a very nice conversation and made a video too!  Oh, and I tried some of the "gourmet raw" delicacies there since I do not partake of much of that at home.
Arnold's Way - Health Food Store in PA

Well, I bought myself a t-shirt at the festival and met the person who most inspired me to eat raw and forge my own path to healing - Dan the Man Liferegenerator.
I'd say my 40th Birthday was the best I could have hoped for and more.  I have so much gratitude in my heart for all that came to pass.

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