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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frequency of Food

Call it what you will...."Life Force Energy," "Frequency," Biophotons," "Hertz," "Chi".....

Our living food, and everything alive, vibrates.  It is made up of atoms and molecules.  Didn't we learn in science class, if we learned nothing else, that these microscopic things wiggle around and vibrate?

Science is only beginning to catch up to what we already know intuitively.  We ARE a coherent form, vibrating in our own personal way that is unique to each person.  For a visual on what I am talking about, please check out the famous Alex Grey paintings:
Alex Grey's Exceptional Artwork

A quick google search on "Life force energy in food" resulted in these websites about it:
Article on Lifeforce Energy in Food
Healing Thru Food
Lexi Yoga's thoughts
Susan's blog article on the subject

“People usually think of free will only in terms of what they choose to do rather than what they choose to think. Try applying free will first to the state of your mind, energizing only the highest-integrity thoughts. The nobility of your mind will power your greatest actions.”  Natalia Rose from her site:
Detox The World

So we really need to become more scientific-thinking if we really are to believe that everything is vibrating on this lovely planet.  There is gobs of science to back this up.  You read it; you do the research.  Does it resonate with you?  Take some time and sleep on it for a few days and weeks.  When you are in the car, contemplate these things.

I try to see through that new lens of thought when I come across new ideas to me.  It's like playing a game.  It's a way to "try-on" this new thought without having to "really" change anything.  In the end, I can always chose to continue to believe this new thought is bogus!

I ask myself, What would the world look like, perhaps, if I was to look at everything from this new perspective?  How would I perceive them, this situation, my relationships, if I were to believe that we are all vibratory beings each one having a unique signature?  How does this effect my other beliefs and thoughts about life?  Will I have to let go of some of those old beliefs and thoughts in order to incorporate this new one?  Am I willing to do this?  Are these new beliefs and thoughts empowering?  Good?  Right?  Coming to me from a place of quietude, wisdom, love?  If I embraced them, how would my life change?

Then, I go about feeling and acting from this new perspective for awhile, as best I can, in my daily life.  I see if it fits me.  I see what I like and don't like about it.  It's like being in the POWER OF NOW where I am living this fun game, yet the soul-me is there beside me observing the physical me all along.  If I am detached enough, I can gain much insight into the true nature of this new perspective and how it effects living.  I can gain real scientific observations....when I think this way, this happens, when I do this, this is effected.......
As you can see, it takes time to gather valuable information doing things this way.  You must live life this way. For some this is very hard to do.  Maybe I should back up and suggest reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.
Eckhart Tolle's website
Personally, I was doing this (ascertaining new thoughts and ideas by approaching them as if the wiser-me was playing this game of just the observer) to a certain degree throughout my life.  Finding it explained in Eckhart's book was wonderful, especially since the book came to me at a time when I was experiencing the worst heartbreak of my life, so far.  It helped me to laugh at myself and my feelings of deep loss a few times when the crying was uncontrollable.

So, if we are to believe that food has a frequency and we have a frequency....what then?  Then, perhaps, we start to question whether certain foods have a higher or lower frequency than others?  We ask, what is my frequency?  What is the Dalai Lama's frequency?  Can different frequencies interact with each other?  Does my frequency effect another's frequency?  THE QUESTIONS ARE ENDLESS!!!
the book Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration  by Penney Pierce is a great eye-opener for ya!

I understood LONG AGO that we will act, say things, do things, make laws, pursue certain things, wear certain clothes, behave in certain ways, etc.....
                     ........based on what we believe.

I realized this very acutely when I was getting my undergrad in Wildlife Biology.  The way science was being taught and performed is based on many beliefs that are just plain barbaric!!  I didn't want to be a part of a field that harmed animals and the earth and thought of them as separate...thought of them as "resources"....thought of them as things we could control and meddle with.... it was as if I was being exposed to a 5-year old doing something for the sake of doing something without knowing or caring about the consequences.  For example, to ascertain the most likely amount of white-footed mouse in a section of a local forest, we set up live traps.  In order to "tag" the little mice, we used dog nail-clippers to cut off hand and foot digits in a certain order that would coincide with a number that that mouse now had - as it screamed out in pain and bled.  That is the state of our science these days (in my opinion!).

If we do not continually learn what there is to know out there in the big, wide world and chose to stick to our completely outdated, limiting beliefs without self-education, then how...what.....who......when??????
You fill in the blanks.

Our current medical establishment is based on what most people believe about illness.  Our current structures of hierarchy are based on time spent in one position, not skill level to match the job, our current public school system is based on who knows what!  Every one of those institutions is out-dated and completely limiting.  All current decisions and actions are based on these old beliefs.

What do you think would happen if the current medical establishment embraced the idea that everything has a frequency?  Do you think some science might come about that would test whether, for example, we could aim some device that is set for a certain frequency at someone's cancer and see if it goes away?

It's been done.  It healed the cancer.  Search around for that on the internet and in health books.  Contemplate this in your spare time.

Soooo...this bring us back to food.  Eating higher vibratory foods will, in turn, raise your frequency and keep you vigorous.  "Exposing" ourselves to this food is like exposing ourselves to any beautiful imagery, sitting next to a waterfall, being in is good for us in more ways than we could know.

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