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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alkalizing Green Soup

Alkalizing Green Soup!
Organic Potatoes (starchy veg retain the pesticides - BEST to buy these organic!!)
Few Tomatoes (from the garden!)
Celery (from garden)
Cilantro and Parsley, fresh
Onions (container on right - didn't grow very much!)
Leeks (from the garden)
Kale (from the garden)
5-7 Garlic Cloves, minced
Seasonings to taste - I used
       Old Bay
       Celtic Sea Salt
       Kelp Seasonings - dark like pepper but tastes like salt
       Crushed homemade green seasonings?? I forgot what was in there...dried green herbs....
 Put a lid on your pot and cook on medium for about 20-30 minutes.  I took out about 2 cups and placed that in the blender and blended.  It made the base a little thicker.
In the future I would use more root vegetables to make this again...carrots, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes.  For those that are into eating grains, adding quinoa, rice, or amaranth would bulk it up a bit and add more carbohydrates.  I find grains and beans hard to digest so seldom partake of them.
You can use all sorts of crackers, breads, or croutons to eat with this soup.
I "buttered" my bread with coconut oil instead of butter.  It was very good!  I haven't had bread in a while so I became very sleepy after eating it.  This is a common phenomenon for raw foodies who normally do not eat the heavier foods.  It puts us to sleep when we do eat it.
It's OK - I wasn't operating any heavy machinery - just my computer. Ha!

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