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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advantages of the Green Smoothie

Having experienced a TOTAL and might I add UNINTENDED transformation by drinking green smoothies for 3 months while eating a raw diet besides, I can personally attest to the benefits of the adored green smoothie.  
I wanted to heal my disease.  I did that by changing my diet.  
During the healing, I also noticed these transformations:
My hair stopped falling out and became thicker
My nails stopped chipping and became harder
I stopped having morning breath or any bad breath
I stopped having to wear deodorant because I had no bad body odor (sweating)
My rosacea/adult acne cleared and my skin became lustrous/beautiful
Skin itching stopped
My athlete's foot on my little toe cleared
       my lower back pain stopped
       I didn't even know my menstrual cycle had started
       No week-before-my-period hormone craziness (crying, mood swings, cravings.....)
Hormones balanced - no mood swings, ever
A lot of little things that would have bothered me, didn't
Emotions were easier to tolerate - less anger, annoyances, bad feelings in general
I needed less sleep
I got more done during the day
My thinking was clearer - no fogginess
I had more physical stamina - 
    ( I was a Masters student at the time - so VERY busy)
    ( I could stay more focused during lectures/class time and could go for a long hike after!)
I could smell things from FAR AWAY - nose became more sensitive
My sense of touch/skin became more sensitive to touch
Regular, natural bowel movements on a regular schedule
NO HUNGER at any point during this healing - I certainly was NOT starving myself!!
I looked younger - so I was told
I physically felt strong and able to withstand more emotionally, mentally, physically....

Is that enough for y'l to give this little GREEN SMOOTHIE a try??  
C'MON with me now and let's explore this powerhouse of nutrition.

I read GREEN for Life, by Victoria Boutenko a few months ago.  I have to say, for a lady that does not have a degree in science or nutrition and who wanted to heal herself and her family in a natural way, Victoria is an awesome writer and a great resource for those of us who are following in her footsteps.  Thank my God that someone like Victoria is out there forging a new path to healing.
Personally, I had to forge my own path because when I started out on all of this, I did not know what a Raw Foodist or green smoothie was.  I am an AVID researcher and reader like Victoria.  I knew there was better way to healing than pills, chemicals, and "treatment."
I was introduced to the green smoothie by the Liferegenerator on youtube.  His videos inspired and motivated me.  I highly recommend them - they are informative as well.

My green smoothie is like soup I make.  It has everything but the kitchen sink in it and when I am all done, I've made 10 times what I wanted to make!!

The ingredients in my smoothie is as follows:
Oh, please know that your green smoothie will probably not end up like mine.  You may not like ginger, or you may not like banana....or you may want just 3 ingredients in yours.  This is a VERY personal thing.  It's like trying on a pair of jeans - every woman knows this - it's gotta fit in the right way or else it's just not going to work out!

The meat and juice of 1 Young Thai coconut
scoop Green Superfood
quarter size of ginger, peeled
2-3 stalks celery
handful spinach
scoop flaxseed
1 Gala apple
1 Banana
5-10 sprigs Cilantro
5-10 sprigs Parsley
sometimes some Almond Milk

Blend.  Makes about 64 oz. to drink throughout the day.  I place it in pint-sized mason jars with lid and put in the fridge until I need them.  If I am going to school or work, I put them into a cooler to drink/gulp/chew later.

Now here's some "evidence" to buffer up the dire need to drink these wonderful little green smoothies.
There is SO much information!  Where do I start?!
From GREEN for Life, "Placing greens in the same category as vegetables has caused many people to mistakenly apply the combining rules of starchy vegetables to greens." (p38)
Simply put, you can combine greens with fruit in your smoothie.  When you first start out on this endeavor, put more fruit in the smoothie than greens.  This will allow your not-so-sensitive palate, the one that is familiar with the standard American diet food, to clean itself a bit over time to become familiar with something different, something more nutritious.
Contrary to popular belief, you were NOT born loving most of our standard American diet food.  We became familiar with all of it!!!  So guess what!?  We can become unfamiliar with it because we know there is something much better out there for us.  We can choose to be pulled around by the temptations of sugar, starch, carbs, and fatty, fried foods, however, that would mean that we would not be free.  To allow something like that to pull us this way and not to be interested in becoming a self-actualized, free adult.  At least in my opinion.  Food for thought, if nothing else.  A seed to put on the shelf.
To continue, "...greens are not vegetables and greens are not starchy.  In fact, greens are the only food group that helps digest other foods through stimulating the secretions of digestive enzymes.  Thus, greens can be combined with any other foods." (p38-9)
The most enlivening quote of the whole darn book is this one: "greens are the primary food group that match human nutritional needs most completely." (p39)

The question most ask about going raw or trying a raw diet is this one: "Where do you get your protein?"
We've all been brainwashed to believe that the only place you could possibly ever get protein is from animal meat.  Yes, meat is made up of a complete protein.  And yes, we can eat it and utilize the protein.
Proteins are made from combining amino acids.  Your body CAN combine amino acids to make a complete protein.  If we couldn't do that, our species would have been extinct for a long, long time.
Maybe you didn't know that greens contain protein, as do many different varieties of greens and vegetables.
When you eat these things, your body can and DOES combine the amino acids into usable protein.
We've also been brainwashed into believing that we need (this much) protein each day.

Hmmmmm.....I ate nothing but GREEN SMOOTHIES and raw foods for 3 months to heal myself and I did not fall over dead from malnutrition, starvation, going crazy or any other malady.  In fact, I reached a state of health I did not know existed in this world, and specifically in me!

We can utilize the amino acids and we can utilize the complete proteins.  With the complete proteins, your body must use energy to break them down first, then assemble them into what it needs, and then use them.  Unfortunately, meat protein tends to slow down the digestive process a bit and if you have a sluggish digestive process (how does your belly look these days?), the partially digested meat proteins will actually start to putrefy in your gut.  Can you say "unappealing?"

Personally, I choose to get most of my small protein needs (I am not building muscle at this adult-stage in my life, only maintaining and repairing muscle tissue) from the plant kingdom.
That is not to say body-builders can only build muscle on meat protein.  Au contraire mon frere!  I've personally corresponded with body-builders who build muscle on plant protein only (youtube - RawFoodMuscle).
Have you been in a health food store lately/ever?  In the protein powder isle, look at the containers.  Do you notice that some are whey protein, some are soy, and some are solely from PLANTS!!??  Yes, it is true.  You can buy protein powder from plants.

So if you are really, really concerned with your protein intake while drinking these awesome green smoothies, please feel free to purchase the vegetable/greens/plant protein and add a heaping scoop of it to your smoothie.  Your body knows how to use the amino acids to build complete proteins.  It is clean burning energy and will not weigh you down as a heavier protein meal would do.

With that said, it's becoming colder and a northeastern winter is upon us!  Keep eating that satiating and hot food.  Soups, stews, hot beverages.  YUM.
Incorporate the GREEN SMOOTHIES in the morning if you do nothing else.  It will make a difference in your ability to fend off colds/flu during the season and give you more energy to withstand the cold.


  1. Thank you very much, Sunny. I myself am new to all this. I TRY to eat healthy as much as I can, but still I wake up feeling tired and sluggish. It takes me very long to "wake up" and start my day. I don't hv the energy to all what I want, although I have the time. I eat animal prorein ( meat and chicken almost daily). I should try to go raw as much as possipble...maybe I could replace my breakfast with raw food as a gradual start. I have weak, thin hair. My skin is dry and not so clear. I have lower back pain. I have cellulite, mood swings with lowered self esteem, painful peripds, my skin takes long to heal, I have a lot of amalgam tooth fillings, I sleep for long hours(from 9-12) and wake up sleepy, and I become cranky when forced to sleep less for example 4-6 hours. I also get depressed fairly quickly..and when depressed I feel bad and eat without thinking.One of reasons I don't continue smoothie making (i made them a couple of times) is that I can't get myhnds on organic greens and fruits and so I 'm afraid using regular fruits and greens could cause toxic buildup in my body. The reasons why I cant get krganic produce, is that they re limited where I live. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!I wish I could have a supervisor I could tell my improvements to that would help me stick to healthy food and lifestyle..I even thought maybe If I blog about it, I would be encouraged and stick to it..and till now that didnt work..again maybe because of lack of energy..Sorry, didn t intend it to be so long. THANKS AGAIN : )

  2. Hello, lately I am writing in so many IC places, also in yours, that yes, I picture myself like a pin in the neck to say the least..., well this being said, I have to say that I am in my second months of following your advice, and I will continue, I like your smoothies, young thai coconut I dont find here, so I buy the ones you see everywhere, this ones with hair, and harder meat inside, and I am preparing the smoothies every morning. By reading what you said, when you mention stews, I didnt understand, because a stew is a cooked meal, I speak spanish , so maybe theres the confusion. I am doing everything the best I can, the only thing that I think I have done ( I dont want to say wrong), but maybe not that accurate was that I tend to eat one cooked meal a day or some days and I add legumes to it, then everything is raw and the 3 smoothies, sometimes just two, I eat some fruit during the afternoon, and almonds, I dont know if I can drink almond milk, so I think I am doing it quite well, lets see how I feel in a couple of months, I guess you dont answer thismessages, I dont know why Im writing, but if you do thanks very much, was out loaded to write it. (relieving I wanted to say, that phrasal verb, always confuse me..), bye, take care.