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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Massaged Kale Salad

Hello Thoughtful People!
This leaf is a tough one but packed with so much good nutrition and chlorophyll, it's a RAW-fooder staple.
I gleaned this process from a gal from California who definitely bicycled to the beat of her own drummer.  We're feeding 7 people so our kale salads are quite large.
Wash Kale well.
Cut end stalk off (blend into a smoothie later or compost).
Cut main vein out - not all the way to the tip of leaf - just the thick stemmy part (blend into smoothie or...)
Cut up into bite-sized pieces by tearing them or cutting them with a knife
We used a large bowl so added about 1/4 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 T Garlic Powder, 2 Pinches Salt
Here's the FUN part!  Massage the kale - get your whole hand in there.  I was holding the camera so could only use one hand.  Get a whole handful and squeeze as hard as you can!  Good to have bowl slightly lower than the counter top so you can lean into it and press, squeeze, massage the oil, seasoning, and salt into all the leaf pieces.......
Massage some more.....squeeze, press, mix, massage - work your forearm til it BURNS!
See how the color changed from a matte green-blue hue to a deeper, glossy green?  Keep massaging - the longer you massage, the more the cell walls break and the less fibrous and chewy it is.  Of course, this is KALE we are talking about so it will still be a bit chewy, even after all this.  Let it sit for a good 20 minutes to allow the salt to continue to break open the cell walls.
Feel free to serve with a dap of avocado, diced tomatoes, or whatever you so desire.
Enjoy! -Sunny

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