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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making Our Own Horseradish

After Easter this year buying store-bought horseradish and running out of it twice! I decided to make my own.  I saw a big horseradish root at the grocer and said "What the heck - I'll give it a try!"  This is one root about 12" long.  The jar holds 2 lbs. (an old honey jar) I peeled it, chopped it into big chunks and then placed it into the Cuisinart for further processing.  One word of CAUTION!  Don't stick your head directly over the ground horseradish at any time!  It not only effects your eyes like cutting onions, but effects your nasal passages.  If you had been watching you would have laughed hysterically!  I recommend wafting the aroma towards your nose from a foot away and wearing clear swimming goggles to protect your eyes.  We did it in Chemistry class, didn't we??  LOL
I added some apple cider vinegar and Celtic Sea Salt to taste.
I guess I should add that eating horseradish on what we call "Easter Cheese" is a tradition for my family.  We make the Easter Cheese every year and it takes a few hours, then overnight for the cheese to form into a ball.
Try making your own Horseradish today! -Sunny

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