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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homemade Coconut Butter

Hello Health Seekers!
After having tasted heaven in the RAW Artisana brand of coconut BUTTER, we decided instead of paying the exorbitant price of it, we would try to make our own.  It was fabulous!
We used the mature coconuts - which you do have to refrigerate, we found out - even though at the grocer they are not refrigerated.
There are a slew of vids available to watch to learn how to open a mature coconut. Of the three "eyes" on the one side, one eye caves in easy.  We poke a hole into it, drain the liquid, and save for later use in smoothies or for a refreshing, cold drink in the middle of the day.  Once drained, you drop the coconut on concrete or onto a pointed rock or in some way crack it open.  The back of a cleaver works well if you hold the coconut in your hand.  You might have to whack it a few times but the sound will be undeniable when it cracks.  Actually the process is quite easy!
We pry off the white meat in bite-sized chunks and throw into a large bowl.
This recipe calls for about 8 Mature Coconuts.
There are a few signs to look for when purchasing them.  Make sure there is NO mold spots anywhere on outside husk.  Upon poking the hole, do not drink straight from the coconut.  The water sometimes tastes OK then you open the coconut up and it's moldy inside.  So drain it into a bowl first. 
Taste the coconut meat of every one. If there is a thin yellow-ish line between the hard shell and the white meat, the taste will be a little off - more like a "soapy" taste.  It's up to you if you want to use these coconuts.  You can pry it off the shell and cut away that yellow-ish lining and use it if it tastes OK.  If there are obvious signs of molding on the inside, take it back to the store you bought it from and get an exchange. 
Prying off the coconut meat of 8 coconuts takes a little time. 
Put some nice music on or listen to Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier by Mike Dooley or Living The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

Using Cuisinart and shredding round, shred all the coconut up.
Place onto wax paper onto dehydrator sheets - thinly - not thick
Dehydrate 1/2 day

After dehydrated, place 1-2 C into Cuisinart to grind up into small bits (you may have to shake it a bit to keep the coconut meat from sticking to the sides)
Place that first ground-up bit into the Vita-Mix blender
Put another 1-2 C of dried coconut meat into the Cuisinart and blend/grind
Put that second bit into the Vita-Mix blender
Do this until all the meat is ground and placed into the Vita-Mix

Blend all in the Vita-Mix until the consistency is smooth.  The coconut butter will become warm because of all the blending.  You may have to turn blender on and off several times to allow the butter to "burp" - it's thick so the blender will be turning without the paste actually touching the blades.  Once the butter becomes less thick, warmer, and the coconut fat really starts to make it into a coconut butter, you turn on and off the blender and this allows the trapped-air to be released and it allows the butter to come into contact with the blades.
Pour off into a jar.  We refrigerate ours - but it gets really hard on account of the coconut fat content.  
We used the last batch for the GREEN CRUNCHY BITE recipe.  
If you still eat sprouted grain bread, instead of cow butter, this is a great substitution.
You can spread this onto Raw Toast - a recipe out of the book The Raw Uncook Book.
You can use it for the Almond Joy bites - and to add a bit of "chocolate" taste add a smidge of Organic Blackstrap Molasses and wah-la - REAL ALMOND JOY CANDY BAR! (recipe posted earlier).
When eating a banana, try a little homemade coconut butter with each bite.
Add a T to your morning smoothie.
Stay tuned for a really RAW BREAD!  I'm learning to make this raw delicacy and will be posting the how-to's really soon. 
Lots of creative ways to use the COCONUT BUTTER!  Yummmmyyyy!!!!

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