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Monday, June 6, 2011

Healing the Liver for HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE!!

Hello Raw Foodies, I really like this article sent to me by a friend.  I reposted here in case you wanted to learn a bit more about cleansing the Liver.  He also recommends green smoothies, kelp and other alkalizing things at the end of the article.  There's a link in case you want to order the syrup he talks about.  Another great place to get herbs is with Dr. Robert Morse who wrote The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

Hi Friends,
I hope you have been enjoying my radio shows and have been expanding your understanding and skill in natural healing. I have mentioned a few commonly missed steps to healing and cleansing the liver. Missing these steps leads to less than desirable results. Let me take a minute to tell you about this, why we do it and how it works.
First, I "grew up" in natural healing thinking about cleansing and nourishing. I saw early issues with it where I did not see the results I expected and, in fact, got the opposite results sometimes. Still, ten years ago I usually saw good results and more or less learned to let go of those who did not seem to respond to care or I labeled them as doing something to sabotage themselves against my instruction, which some probably were.
About 4 years ago or so, however, I began to see something new that I had never before noticed and I think it was not nearly so prominently there. This was a hypersensitivity that seemed to have nothing to do with least the kind of toxicity I used to see, which was related to stagnant constipation and thick phlegm. This was something new. 
3.5 years ago when I moved to Georgia to begin Chiropractic School, my practice in Georgia was overwhelmingly filled immediately with hyperinflammatory cases. These people had way too much exposure to toxicity, irritation, heat, chemicals, electromagnetic pollution and possibly diffuse chemicals in the air from other sources. It was terrifying. It certainly did not take long for me to develop new protocols, since the old ones were so inappropriate. Indeed, cleansing almost always made people worse unless it was very gentle cleansing. The irritation of detoxification actually made them feel worse! As I looked for the problems and how to deal with them, two things seemed universally present in these cases:
1. Poor blood quality
2. Poor liver function due to a "dry" and irritated liver.
To understand the "dry" part, you have to know that in a healthy person, the liver is flushed with blood at night and keeps some blood in it during the day. This blood is not just in the tubes, but is in all the processing cells of the liver. The liver actually swells somewhat and softens in response to the blood. At night it swells considerably.
When full of blood, the whole liver is active and functioning. It detoxifies itself, processes toxicity and metabolic needs within the body, manages repair and healing everywhere in the body and manages the response to food in the gut. One of the problems these people always seemed to have was inflammation to many foods. This was in part due to the lack of liver function because of lack of blood in the liver!
Headaches, irritability, sensitivity, allergies...all these have been affected by correcting this problem. Not a few people have experienced near complete remission of such symptoms just with the herbs I used to correct the problem. Everyone seems to be healthier and has better blood quality and lower anemia problems in response to this care. 
In order to deal with this problem, I searched for herbs that would build blood around the liver, a concept that is understood in Chinese medicine. The champion herb that builds blood quality (it is used for deep anemia problems that are persistent) and builds blood volume in the liver is Dong Quai (Angelica Sinesis). When using just this herb by itself, I found all sorts of issues with it, the most notable that it moves energy and many people are already too agitated with modern living. To fix this, I combined it with another herb that is moderately soothing. This herb also helps, to a much lesser degree, to build blood and to nourish and stabilize the body overall. This herb is an Ayurvedic herb (actually it is widely used all over Europe and Asia). It is called Ashwaganda.
Ashwaganda has the perk of being one of the best anti-aging herbs on the planet! It is very nourishing to all systems that become exhausted with aging and stress. It was the perfect partner for my clients who were all stressed, irritated, hypersensitive and seemed to have stubborn diseases.
I experimented with these herbs and found that the most effective way to use them was as syrup. The preparation of the syrup worked the best for the largest group of people. I also found that the tincture was acceptible, but not as potent as the syrup. The powder did not seem to work to my satisfaction at all.
After I made my third or fourth gallon of the syrup, I contacted my sister-in-law, Linda, whom many of you know or have purchased from before and asked her if she wanted to make the product for me so that I could make it avaiable to all my users and to my clients to purchase. She kindly did this, which I appreciate because I know she will follow instructions and make a product that meets my standards. I have tired both her syrup and her tincture and was really wowed by them. She is becoming one of the best herbal manufacturers available anywhere because she does it right and her operation is small enough to not lose quality to quantity. I hope you will take a look at her page and order these products for yourself. On the page she has more information about them including some recordings I had done concerning them in the past. 
If you have been struggling with inflammation, anemia or just weakness due to stress or if you have a job where you are stressed or sit in front of a computer for long hours, this herbal formula might be the perfect remedy for you and may help you do better and feel better. If you sit at a computer for long hours, I unequivocably guarantee that you have low blood at your liver as that is part of the stress response we all have to sitting in front of a computer.
To manage this, I have my clients keep this on hand at all times and take a small dose twice daily for as long as they sit in front of the computer. I also advocate healthy fats, lots of green stuff (like green smoothies) and kelp to help mitigate the impact of the EM pollution they are being hit with all day. I would definitely (in fact, I do personally right now) use this formula as a mainstay just to deal with the stress of living that way. If you are under stress, this is one good way to mitigate the damage that stress will do to your body and physiology.
So, if you want to check out the page and learn more about it or give it a try for a month or so (minimum 3 weeks to know how it is working as the blood builds in your liver fairly slowly), the link is below. Enjoy! Let me know your input so that I can continue to give sound guidance on the use of these and other herbs.
Thanks for reading,
Kal Sellers, MH

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