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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Followed directions to the letter....

Hello My Friends!
I started the Liver Flush Monday afternoon (May 30th) at 1pm.  The epsom salt drink didn't taste like salt at all but had a more chemical-like taste.  It was a bit difficult to get down.  Luckily I had to drink only 6oz. at a time. By 9:30pm there was a BM, but nothing to report as far as crystals seen.  My tummy was happy to have the fresh grapefruit juice/organic extra virgin olive oil combination.  It was tasty!  I laid down immediately and tried not to move.  I had "Highlander" on the 'puter waiting and so watched that while laying down on my bed.  I was up all night and slept little if at all.  Sometimes I do that if I know I have to be up really early the next morning and I know I haven't been up that early in a long time.  I get so anxious about it that I just end up staying up the whole night so I don't miss my alarm clock and what I am supposed to do.  It could've been that or it could've been the flushing out of my bowels that was going on.  I drank the third epsom salt drink at 7am and the last one at 8:30am.  Then there was another round of flushing out of the bowels.  I could've stayed in the bathroom all morning except I had scheduled an interview that morning, not thinking my body would have gone through such an upheaval during the night and the next morning.  It was through skype so I didn't have to leave the house, thank God.  By the evening before, I was flushing out mostly water.  All the next morning it was mostly just water instead of poo.  I lost A LOT of water.  So much so that I felt lethargic and weak - like I had been fasting - that kind of weakness!  I never did see any crystals or other anomalies in what was coming out.
Instead of drinking juice at 11:30am, I cleaned the bathroom and then did two sink fulls of dishes.  I think I finally drank some juice about 2pm and then laid down until sundown.  I watered and wrapped up the seedlings for the night and came in to make a salad.  I didn't actually get to eat it until about 10pm because I was on the phone and then someone else called so.... it was a very needed, very late dinner.
Today I have most of my strength back but still feel a little weak in my legs.  So far today I have drunk 1/2 a quart full of green smoothie.
So.....  I'm not quite sure why I didn't see any crystals.  And I'm not quite sure why flushing my bowels would have resulted in flushing mostly water instead of poo.  I think maybe I was dehydrated to begin with... But then why would my body flush out needed water?  Things to contemplate on the journey.  The more I experience and learn, the more the answers will come.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know what you think!  

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