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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Cress - The New Superfood!
Click above for info on the Water Cress plant.  There are lots of cresses around in the mustard family.  They grow in the Poconos too.  Sometime you can even find some of the cresses at the grocery store!  Worth a look-see!
Alkalizing for health - oh yea!
Love you all ~Sunny

Hello Everyone!
Here's one of five videos we made for the Rawkin' Raw Meetup Dinner.  That meetup site will soon be switched over to my FB page since that is easier for me at this time.  All the videos are uploaded onto the YOUTUBE channel: Go4Discipline
Enjoy the vids!  ~Sunny

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rawkin' Raw in Stroudsburg MeetUp ... Sat. 6/18

Our meeting in June was a complete smash!  We had such a great time!  5 videos later, full bellies, and good times to be had!
Check out my youtube channel for all the vids!
The menu consisted of wild spicebush tea, fresh mint tea, Pineapple-Green Apple-Lemon Lemonade (juiced), Almond-Coconut yogurt, Blueberries, dates (blended), Raw Wraps with Herbal Dressing (Almond-Coconut yogurt with fresh herbs in blender), Raw Cucumber Boats (with Tahini Dressing), Dehydrated Flax Seed Crackers (dipped in pesto made with fresh Garlic-Mustard greens instead of Basil).
Here's a comment a member sent me:

"Hi Sunny,
     Thank you so much for last night's raw food presentation.  It was magnificent!  The lemonade, smoothie, cucumber boats, wraps, crackers, and all the dips and dressings were delicious.  I truly appreciate all your preparation work.  I made the lemonade this am  ( yummy) and must get more ingredients for other dishes.
Much Love & Blessings! Mary" 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Young Coconuts- Benefits and How-To

Hello Health Researchers!
I cannot stress enough the benefits of the Young Coconuts, which go by several names.  "Young," "sweet," or "white" are some of them.  The mature, dark brown ones are called "quick crack" coconuts.  As you can tell from the picture above, the young coconuts have the hard inner shell just like the quick crack ones do.
They are an essential ingredient in my recipe for the green smoothie. 

Coconut oil contains lauric and capric acid which makes it antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. Coconut oil actually helps to LOWER total cholesterol levels, increases the metabolic rate (thyroid), nourishes skin and hair from the inside by consuming it, enhances energy and endurance, reduces inflammation, helps your body absorb the nutrients you are eating, and contains active antioxidants.
Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCT) at 6-12 carbon atoms long, as opposed to long or short.  Because the body processes MCT's differently than other fats, it actually helps you to use energy (stored fat)!!  Saliva enzymes and stomach acids break down the MCT's almost entirely so you can use the energy quickly, like carbs.  People experience reduced appetite, because they are satiated, combined with increased metabolism when consuming the MCT's.
I consume about 1 young coconut per day and I also use the organic coconut oil for a skin nourisher.  In the dead of winter here in the NE, I use it on my face before bed at night.  It smells and tastes delicious.  I don't worry about all the chemicals in the lotions and potions because coconut oil is a natural and beneficial product.
It can be used for a lovely massage oil as well.  Heat the oil up a bit and add your favorite soothing essential oil.  It will solidify when it gets cool but as soon as it touches the skin, will melt again.
If you are cooking food, this is a great replacement for other oils in the skillet or for stir-fry.  It can be heated to medium-hot temperatures without forming trans-fats.
Some great transition recipes (or just because) are to use coconut oil or coconut butter in place of cow butter on sprouted grain toast.
I still eat some non-raw food.  I make homemade popcorn by popping it in coconut oil!!  It imparts such a delicious flavor to the popcorn.  I sprinkle Celtic sea salt on it too.
Here's how I open the coconut these days:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Your Own Food

"Can this really be done?" they said.  Anything can be done if we put our minds to it!  Based on my experience helping to build wigwams in Maryland with a native-hearted friend and based on my additional experiences helping to build a much larger greenhouse for a friend who runs a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, I created a smaller version to grow our seedlings in until we could get a garden plot dug and prepared.
I went into the woods and found some (4 to 5) finger-width switches/saplings about 4-5 feet long.  The frame that sits on the ground/table was the broken 1/2 inch thick wooden ribs from the yurt frame.  They already had drilled holes every foot or so but if you have wood that doesn't have these drilled holes, it's very easy to use a drill and drill holes in the wood.  I used nails to make a rectangular frame that sits on the ground.  I bent the switches over and stuck each end into the drilled holes.  Then I took more switches to go horizontal along the mini-greenhouse and tied it to each bent-over switch to give the whole thing more structure.  My friend Alex had some clear plastic - actually it was clear plastic for covering women's dresses.  She let me use the rest of it to cover the greenhouse.  I used clear packing tape and ducktape to keep the plastic together.  Over time and being exposed to the elements, the tape comes apart.  I reasoned that we would have the garden plot well on it's way before the tape started coming apart.
The seedlings stay a bit more moist when under the plastic.  You've got to be pretty on task when starting them this way - if they are left out in the sun, the temperature can reach over 110 degrees inside the mini-greenhouse!!!!  You don't want that to happen.  In the morning, open the ends and make sure they stay open.  Water them if needed during the day.  I water every dusk and then close them up for the night.
The changes I would make if I have a chance to do this again next year is to put the frames on rolling platforms so if there is no one there to help move them (in case of whatever!) I can do it myself.

We drove up to a local guy that cuts wood and purchased a load of 1 x 8 x 10's and 1 x 10 x 10's to build the planters.  Each one had to be cut specific to the garden bed (three 5 x 20's) because the stakes would go into the ground a little skewed!  There was SO much rock underneath the thin layer of soil that we were lucky the stakes went in at all!!  So measuring, cutting, measuring, cutting, measuring, cutting - that went on for a few days.  I definitely got some real-world experience and training in carpentry.  I really had fun figuring this out and building these garden beds!  I only pounded my thumb with the hammer once!

My next project (in the next week) is to lay a nice rock patio where those white lawn chairs are now.  The rocks have been hauled over there and laid down already.  My back and arms are QUITE sore from moving all the rock piles into an area on the edge of the woods so... and ya know, it's just nice sometimes to take a break.  I'm into so many things that I keep myself busy no matter what.
Now the experiences I seek are to actually transplant all the seedlings into the beds using a system I devised after being exposed to BIOINTENSIVE Gardening.  I made a plan to plant companion plants together and closer using a system of staggered planting instead of planting in rows.
I really want to be able to share the love by offering some of the food this garden will grow to friends in need and others.  I want to use it for the RAWKIN' RAW meetups that I hold too!  RAWSOME!
Because I am outside so much, I have seen a lot of critters.  We have Red-Tailed hawks, the majestic Pileated Woodpecker, various kinds of spiders, garden snakes (and their shed skin), song birds, and lots of different kinds of wild edibles and flowers, including the secretive and rare Pink Lady's Slipper orchid.
Life is SO SO SO beautiful and wonderful, eh? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Healing the Liver for HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE!!

Hello Raw Foodies, I really like this article sent to me by a friend.  I reposted here in case you wanted to learn a bit more about cleansing the Liver.  He also recommends green smoothies, kelp and other alkalizing things at the end of the article.  There's a link in case you want to order the syrup he talks about.  Another great place to get herbs is with Dr. Robert Morse who wrote The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

Hi Friends,
I hope you have been enjoying my radio shows and have been expanding your understanding and skill in natural healing. I have mentioned a few commonly missed steps to healing and cleansing the liver. Missing these steps leads to less than desirable results. Let me take a minute to tell you about this, why we do it and how it works.
First, I "grew up" in natural healing thinking about cleansing and nourishing. I saw early issues with it where I did not see the results I expected and, in fact, got the opposite results sometimes. Still, ten years ago I usually saw good results and more or less learned to let go of those who did not seem to respond to care or I labeled them as doing something to sabotage themselves against my instruction, which some probably were.
About 4 years ago or so, however, I began to see something new that I had never before noticed and I think it was not nearly so prominently there. This was a hypersensitivity that seemed to have nothing to do with least the kind of toxicity I used to see, which was related to stagnant constipation and thick phlegm. This was something new. 
3.5 years ago when I moved to Georgia to begin Chiropractic School, my practice in Georgia was overwhelmingly filled immediately with hyperinflammatory cases. These people had way too much exposure to toxicity, irritation, heat, chemicals, electromagnetic pollution and possibly diffuse chemicals in the air from other sources. It was terrifying. It certainly did not take long for me to develop new protocols, since the old ones were so inappropriate. Indeed, cleansing almost always made people worse unless it was very gentle cleansing. The irritation of detoxification actually made them feel worse! As I looked for the problems and how to deal with them, two things seemed universally present in these cases:
1. Poor blood quality
2. Poor liver function due to a "dry" and irritated liver.
To understand the "dry" part, you have to know that in a healthy person, the liver is flushed with blood at night and keeps some blood in it during the day. This blood is not just in the tubes, but is in all the processing cells of the liver. The liver actually swells somewhat and softens in response to the blood. At night it swells considerably.
When full of blood, the whole liver is active and functioning. It detoxifies itself, processes toxicity and metabolic needs within the body, manages repair and healing everywhere in the body and manages the response to food in the gut. One of the problems these people always seemed to have was inflammation to many foods. This was in part due to the lack of liver function because of lack of blood in the liver!
Headaches, irritability, sensitivity, allergies...all these have been affected by correcting this problem. Not a few people have experienced near complete remission of such symptoms just with the herbs I used to correct the problem. Everyone seems to be healthier and has better blood quality and lower anemia problems in response to this care. 
In order to deal with this problem, I searched for herbs that would build blood around the liver, a concept that is understood in Chinese medicine. The champion herb that builds blood quality (it is used for deep anemia problems that are persistent) and builds blood volume in the liver is Dong Quai (Angelica Sinesis). When using just this herb by itself, I found all sorts of issues with it, the most notable that it moves energy and many people are already too agitated with modern living. To fix this, I combined it with another herb that is moderately soothing. This herb also helps, to a much lesser degree, to build blood and to nourish and stabilize the body overall. This herb is an Ayurvedic herb (actually it is widely used all over Europe and Asia). It is called Ashwaganda.
Ashwaganda has the perk of being one of the best anti-aging herbs on the planet! It is very nourishing to all systems that become exhausted with aging and stress. It was the perfect partner for my clients who were all stressed, irritated, hypersensitive and seemed to have stubborn diseases.
I experimented with these herbs and found that the most effective way to use them was as syrup. The preparation of the syrup worked the best for the largest group of people. I also found that the tincture was acceptible, but not as potent as the syrup. The powder did not seem to work to my satisfaction at all.
After I made my third or fourth gallon of the syrup, I contacted my sister-in-law, Linda, whom many of you know or have purchased from before and asked her if she wanted to make the product for me so that I could make it avaiable to all my users and to my clients to purchase. She kindly did this, which I appreciate because I know she will follow instructions and make a product that meets my standards. I have tired both her syrup and her tincture and was really wowed by them. She is becoming one of the best herbal manufacturers available anywhere because she does it right and her operation is small enough to not lose quality to quantity. I hope you will take a look at her page and order these products for yourself. On the page she has more information about them including some recordings I had done concerning them in the past. 
If you have been struggling with inflammation, anemia or just weakness due to stress or if you have a job where you are stressed or sit in front of a computer for long hours, this herbal formula might be the perfect remedy for you and may help you do better and feel better. If you sit at a computer for long hours, I unequivocably guarantee that you have low blood at your liver as that is part of the stress response we all have to sitting in front of a computer.
To manage this, I have my clients keep this on hand at all times and take a small dose twice daily for as long as they sit in front of the computer. I also advocate healthy fats, lots of green stuff (like green smoothies) and kelp to help mitigate the impact of the EM pollution they are being hit with all day. I would definitely (in fact, I do personally right now) use this formula as a mainstay just to deal with the stress of living that way. If you are under stress, this is one good way to mitigate the damage that stress will do to your body and physiology.
So, if you want to check out the page and learn more about it or give it a try for a month or so (minimum 3 weeks to know how it is working as the blood builds in your liver fairly slowly), the link is below. Enjoy! Let me know your input so that I can continue to give sound guidance on the use of these and other herbs.
Thanks for reading,
Kal Sellers, MH

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homemade Coconut Butter

Hello Health Seekers!
After having tasted heaven in the RAW Artisana brand of coconut BUTTER, we decided instead of paying the exorbitant price of it, we would try to make our own.  It was fabulous!
We used the mature coconuts - which you do have to refrigerate, we found out - even though at the grocer they are not refrigerated.
There are a slew of vids available to watch to learn how to open a mature coconut. Of the three "eyes" on the one side, one eye caves in easy.  We poke a hole into it, drain the liquid, and save for later use in smoothies or for a refreshing, cold drink in the middle of the day.  Once drained, you drop the coconut on concrete or onto a pointed rock or in some way crack it open.  The back of a cleaver works well if you hold the coconut in your hand.  You might have to whack it a few times but the sound will be undeniable when it cracks.  Actually the process is quite easy!
We pry off the white meat in bite-sized chunks and throw into a large bowl.
This recipe calls for about 8 Mature Coconuts.
There are a few signs to look for when purchasing them.  Make sure there is NO mold spots anywhere on outside husk.  Upon poking the hole, do not drink straight from the coconut.  The water sometimes tastes OK then you open the coconut up and it's moldy inside.  So drain it into a bowl first. 
Taste the coconut meat of every one. If there is a thin yellow-ish line between the hard shell and the white meat, the taste will be a little off - more like a "soapy" taste.  It's up to you if you want to use these coconuts.  You can pry it off the shell and cut away that yellow-ish lining and use it if it tastes OK.  If there are obvious signs of molding on the inside, take it back to the store you bought it from and get an exchange. 
Prying off the coconut meat of 8 coconuts takes a little time. 
Put some nice music on or listen to Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier by Mike Dooley or Living The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

Using Cuisinart and shredding round, shred all the coconut up.
Place onto wax paper onto dehydrator sheets - thinly - not thick
Dehydrate 1/2 day

After dehydrated, place 1-2 C into Cuisinart to grind up into small bits (you may have to shake it a bit to keep the coconut meat from sticking to the sides)
Place that first ground-up bit into the Vita-Mix blender
Put another 1-2 C of dried coconut meat into the Cuisinart and blend/grind
Put that second bit into the Vita-Mix blender
Do this until all the meat is ground and placed into the Vita-Mix

Blend all in the Vita-Mix until the consistency is smooth.  The coconut butter will become warm because of all the blending.  You may have to turn blender on and off several times to allow the butter to "burp" - it's thick so the blender will be turning without the paste actually touching the blades.  Once the butter becomes less thick, warmer, and the coconut fat really starts to make it into a coconut butter, you turn on and off the blender and this allows the trapped-air to be released and it allows the butter to come into contact with the blades.
Pour off into a jar.  We refrigerate ours - but it gets really hard on account of the coconut fat content.  
We used the last batch for the GREEN CRUNCHY BITE recipe.  
If you still eat sprouted grain bread, instead of cow butter, this is a great substitution.
You can spread this onto Raw Toast - a recipe out of the book The Raw Uncook Book.
You can use it for the Almond Joy bites - and to add a bit of "chocolate" taste add a smidge of Organic Blackstrap Molasses and wah-la - REAL ALMOND JOY CANDY BAR! (recipe posted earlier).
When eating a banana, try a little homemade coconut butter with each bite.
Add a T to your morning smoothie.
Stay tuned for a really RAW BREAD!  I'm learning to make this raw delicacy and will be posting the how-to's really soon. 
Lots of creative ways to use the COCONUT BUTTER!  Yummmmyyyy!!!!

Massaged Kale Salad

Hello Thoughtful People!
This leaf is a tough one but packed with so much good nutrition and chlorophyll, it's a RAW-fooder staple.
I gleaned this process from a gal from California who definitely bicycled to the beat of her own drummer.  We're feeding 7 people so our kale salads are quite large.
Wash Kale well.
Cut end stalk off (blend into a smoothie later or compost).
Cut main vein out - not all the way to the tip of leaf - just the thick stemmy part (blend into smoothie or...)
Cut up into bite-sized pieces by tearing them or cutting them with a knife
We used a large bowl so added about 1/4 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 T Garlic Powder, 2 Pinches Salt
Here's the FUN part!  Massage the kale - get your whole hand in there.  I was holding the camera so could only use one hand.  Get a whole handful and squeeze as hard as you can!  Good to have bowl slightly lower than the counter top so you can lean into it and press, squeeze, massage the oil, seasoning, and salt into all the leaf pieces.......
Massage some more.....squeeze, press, mix, massage - work your forearm til it BURNS!
See how the color changed from a matte green-blue hue to a deeper, glossy green?  Keep massaging - the longer you massage, the more the cell walls break and the less fibrous and chewy it is.  Of course, this is KALE we are talking about so it will still be a bit chewy, even after all this.  Let it sit for a good 20 minutes to allow the salt to continue to break open the cell walls.
Feel free to serve with a dap of avocado, diced tomatoes, or whatever you so desire.
Enjoy! -Sunny

Raw Rainbow Slaw

Aptly named, eh?  This was a hit, especially since we used the aforementioned Tahini Dressing everyone loved so much.
In Cuisinart with shredding round:
1/2 head purple cabbage
1/2 red onion
5 large carrots
5 stalks celery

Mix with Tahini Dressing:
In pint jar, mix equal parts Organic Olive Oil, Garlic Vinegar, Tahini, 1 T Garam Marsala, Pinch Salt
Adding the dressing dulls the color a bit but the FLAVOR - OMG!!!  This is all that was left - we saved some for the dad when he got home from working!!  This Tahini sauce is definitely a new family favorite!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cucumber Boats

I brought some produce out and started to CREATE!  I didn't know if this would fly but WOW! I loved this! The mom and kids loved it too.  Quote from 6-year old, "This is thirty hundred times bomb diggity!"  Of course I taught her the phrase "bomb diggity."  I peeled the cucumbers because they were not organic.  Feel free to wash well and keep skins on for organic produce.  We played around with calling this delectable, mouth-watering delight "Cucumber Mouth Orgasm" but I thought that would be a bit too risqué!
The cooling cucumber and smooth-tasting avocado really balance out the hot garlic and spicy ginger and the tangy dressing for the topping.  We went a bit further and added scoops of homemade Horseradish to give it a real bite!  Whoa - this was totally fabulous!!!

1 Cucumber (makes 4 boats)
Cut out middle portion of cucumbers - the seeds - in order to fill with filling, use seeds for filling too.
Small lettuce leaves for lining (3 lettuce lvs. each boat)

3 cloves garlic, finely minced
1 half-dollar sized chunk of ginger, finely minced
Inner seeds of cucumber, finely chopped
1/2 avocado, finely chopped
Mix all in bowl

Dressing from recipe "Hearty Salad" posted before.
Equal parts Garlic Vinegar, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Tahini
plus 1 T Garam Marsala, 1 pinch salt in PINT sized jar.  Shake and dabble on top.
Save rest for later salads.  Refrigerate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hearty Salad

Hello Food Connoisseurs!
I picked dandelion greens, mint, thyme?, plantain leaves (only 5), wild chives, fresh basil leaves, the flower petals of purple clover sprinkled on top, garlic scapes cut up on top, 1 avocado, some almonds, dill around the I forgetting anything?  Hmmm..... mixed with a salad mix from store.
Dressing: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic Vinegar, Tahini, Garam Marsala seasoning, 3 cloves garlic - finely minced.  Shake up in small container with lid.
I drank 2 quarts of Green Smoothie today and worked hard moving 4 rock piles we unearthed from the garden area.  A lot of the rocks were very heavy!  So instead of feasting on the rest of the green smoothie I made, I decided to go a little heartier with this WILD salad.  Couldn't eat it all...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Making Our Own Horseradish

After Easter this year buying store-bought horseradish and running out of it twice! I decided to make my own.  I saw a big horseradish root at the grocer and said "What the heck - I'll give it a try!"  This is one root about 12" long.  The jar holds 2 lbs. (an old honey jar) I peeled it, chopped it into big chunks and then placed it into the Cuisinart for further processing.  One word of CAUTION!  Don't stick your head directly over the ground horseradish at any time!  It not only effects your eyes like cutting onions, but effects your nasal passages.  If you had been watching you would have laughed hysterically!  I recommend wafting the aroma towards your nose from a foot away and wearing clear swimming goggles to protect your eyes.  We did it in Chemistry class, didn't we??  LOL
I added some apple cider vinegar and Celtic Sea Salt to taste.
I guess I should add that eating horseradish on what we call "Easter Cheese" is a tradition for my family.  We make the Easter Cheese every year and it takes a few hours, then overnight for the cheese to form into a ball.
Try making your own Horseradish today! -Sunny

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raw Ice Dream

This I stole from the Liferegenerator on youtube because I wanted to see how close to the "real" thing raw ice cream could be.  It's pretty darn close!
6-8 Young Coconut Meats (white, not pink!)
1 fluid from within 1 Young Coconut (make sure it's white or slightly yellow not pink!)
1 tsp cinnamon or more to your taste
1 tsp vanilla or more to your taste
6-8 pitted dates
Blend in Vita-Mix or Blend-Tec
Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.
Take out of trays and place into Cuisinart with the "S" blade.
Turn on until ice cream gets cut up into tiny pieces then starts to form a "ball" within the Cuisinart.
It may take a minute or so.  Don't give up on the dream!
I put a little locally made maple syrup over the RAW ice dream and fancied it up with some 'naners.
Serve any way your heart desires for a nice, cold summertime treat!  WOW!

Almond Joy Bites

This is a little joyful sin straight from heaven!  And it's RAW!
Sometimes it's nice to partake in a little indulgences and this is very satiating.
A little scoop of organic coconut oil - the variety that has the strong coconut taste left in it, a few raisins, and two soaked almonds.  Let the tastes combine in your mouth as you slowly chew this.  In a few seconds you will know why it is a joyful sin!  Can you say "yummy!"

Wild Spring Salad

Hello Rawkin Rawers!
I've been studying plants for about fifteen years-mostly the wild variety.  We transplanted some "exotic/invasives" that also happen to be quite edible into our backyard. They were growing there anyway we just put them in one place.
Contents -
50/50 Salad mix from store
Wash WELL!!!!
Added: Dandelion greens, chickweed, clover leaves, garlic mustard greens, few plantain leaves, violet flowers, the yellow flower petals of dandelions, purple dead-nettle flowers and leaves, and wild chives.
We loved this salad - it brought much color and high frequency into our lives and our bellies!!!  Definitely one to enjoy slowly - chew well!!  Sprinkle with lemon/lime juice, organic oil/vinegar, or dressing you've created.

RAW Wraps

Hello Health-Seekers!
Here's a simple lunch or dinnertime meal I conjured up.  Collard leaves with main stalk cut out (use them in Vita-mix smoothies later), julienne some avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes (fresh-not cooked) and sprinkle a dash of spices on it, then roll up.
Feel free to change ingredients to your liking.  Happy rolling (rawling!!)

Children's Wrap Delight

Hello Raw Foodists!
Here's a simple lunchtime filler - indeed, a wrap filled with an avocado dip which includes spices, diced tomatoes, and lime or lemon juice for kick.
The children made this wonderful lunch for us hardworking adults.  The sides include strips of red chard, cucumber, kale stalks and chunks of mature coconut.
We all cleaned our plates and were filled heartily!!!

Fiery Lava Soup - RAW

Hello Raw Fooders,
Here is a lovely soup that we all just gulped down wanting seconds!  Ryan, one of the raw food chefs in the house, kept out the hot and spicy ingredients in my bowl and it was just divine!
I highly recommend this soup.  If the name turns you off, just leave out the spicy ingredients.


These are my famous GREEN CRUNCHY BITES that I have made and served at the RAW meetings.  The adults and children alike LOVE them.  They are so tasty that they eat them like candy - HOWEVER - they pack a punch and are meant to be a tasty way to get some minerals and vitamins into your system.  They are like taking a multi-vitamin so you should eat no more than 2 per day.  They can be put in the fridge or the freezer (in summer) but if you do not use any ingredient that needs to be refrigerated, they can set out on the counter.
Feel free to tweak the ingredients to your liking and share these delightful little bites with you friends, RAW or not.  Our non-RAW friend said they tasted like chocolate - it was the bit of blackstrap molasses we put in them.  The ingredients are in the youtube video description.
Enjoy!!!  -Sunny

Followed directions to the letter....

Hello My Friends!
I started the Liver Flush Monday afternoon (May 30th) at 1pm.  The epsom salt drink didn't taste like salt at all but had a more chemical-like taste.  It was a bit difficult to get down.  Luckily I had to drink only 6oz. at a time. By 9:30pm there was a BM, but nothing to report as far as crystals seen.  My tummy was happy to have the fresh grapefruit juice/organic extra virgin olive oil combination.  It was tasty!  I laid down immediately and tried not to move.  I had "Highlander" on the 'puter waiting and so watched that while laying down on my bed.  I was up all night and slept little if at all.  Sometimes I do that if I know I have to be up really early the next morning and I know I haven't been up that early in a long time.  I get so anxious about it that I just end up staying up the whole night so I don't miss my alarm clock and what I am supposed to do.  It could've been that or it could've been the flushing out of my bowels that was going on.  I drank the third epsom salt drink at 7am and the last one at 8:30am.  Then there was another round of flushing out of the bowels.  I could've stayed in the bathroom all morning except I had scheduled an interview that morning, not thinking my body would have gone through such an upheaval during the night and the next morning.  It was through skype so I didn't have to leave the house, thank God.  By the evening before, I was flushing out mostly water.  All the next morning it was mostly just water instead of poo.  I lost A LOT of water.  So much so that I felt lethargic and weak - like I had been fasting - that kind of weakness!  I never did see any crystals or other anomalies in what was coming out.
Instead of drinking juice at 11:30am, I cleaned the bathroom and then did two sink fulls of dishes.  I think I finally drank some juice about 2pm and then laid down until sundown.  I watered and wrapped up the seedlings for the night and came in to make a salad.  I didn't actually get to eat it until about 10pm because I was on the phone and then someone else called so.... it was a very needed, very late dinner.
Today I have most of my strength back but still feel a little weak in my legs.  So far today I have drunk 1/2 a quart full of green smoothie.
So.....  I'm not quite sure why I didn't see any crystals.  And I'm not quite sure why flushing my bowels would have resulted in flushing mostly water instead of poo.  I think maybe I was dehydrated to begin with... But then why would my body flush out needed water?  Things to contemplate on the journey.  The more I experience and learn, the more the answers will come.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know what you think!