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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I recommend doing a Liver Cleanse!

Liver Cleanse How-To

This site contains very good information on a Liver Cleanse.  A Colon Cleanse is recommended first but a lot of folks do not have $60-100 to drop on a Colon Cleanse or even a few of them.  You can buy a cheap enema kit and perform that on yourself first if you want to do that and THEN do the Liver Cleanse.  This article says if you do not want to do the Colon Cleanse first, it's OK to start with the Liver Cleanse.  Please read the entire article and then do your own reading on this subject before embarking on this much needed cleanse.
I highly recommend doing the organ cleanses as well as eating a cleaner, fresher diet for rejuvenation!

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