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Friday, May 27, 2011

Liver Cleanse progression...

Hello Ladies and the Few Gentlemen that have IC and those that are here for their personal health!  I am presently undergoing a Liver/Pancreas cleanse and wanted to write a bit about that.  I have been drinking organic, raw apple juice that I have juiced myself in my Breville Juicer each day for going on 6 days.  Sometimes I am so busy or so tired that I forget to do it during the day and end up drinking a few pints at the end of the day.  Juicing the whole bag of organic apples makes just under a quart, so that is what I am drinking daily.  This softens up the crystals that are formed inside the pancreatic ducts so that they may be expelled.  Tomorrow will be the 7th day and that is when the fun starts.  No food after 1pm and I am to drink some epsom salt water and some organic oil, grapefruit juice concoction at regular intervals.  It's all over by the next day so if you are going to try this, plan for about a 24 hour period where you don't eat.  Here is the schedule I plan to follow:
After 1:30pm no food
6pm - Make four 6-oz. servings using 4 T Epsom Salt to 24-oz water, then divide up into four servings.  Drink one 6-oz serving.
8pm - Drink second 6-oz serving
9:30pm If you have had no bowel movement by this point, take a water enema. (If you are new to this, there are youtube vids on the water enema and of course, the enema comes with directions.)
9:45pm Prepare the olive oil/grapefruit juice drink (6 oz of freshly juiced grapefruit juice combined with 1/2 C organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin & Cold-Pressed)
10pm Drink Grapefruit Juice/Olive Oil mixture and LAY DOWN RIGHT AWAY.  Probably best to make this your bedtime and just go to sleep.  If not, do not move for 20 minutes if you lay on the couch, then go to bed.

Next morning:
6:30am Drink 3rd serving
8:30am Drink 4th serving
10:30am Drink any kind of freshly juiced Fruit Juice
11:30am Eat a piece of fruit
12:30pm Eat a normal lunch

Ok so the ick-factor in all this is .... drum roll please.......
When you do have the bowel movements, you may want to actually see the crystals that have come out numbering in the hundreds, most likely.  To do this you must catch the "poo" in a strainer that you have purchased just for this occassion!  Lucky strainer!  And then you must search through the poo in any fashion you deem necessary in order to find the crystals. 
You may do this cleanse about every 2-3 weeks until the number of crystals that come out are severely reduced.  The color can be red to green to black.  They should not be hard like rocks.
If the ick-factor is too much for you, you can do the cleanses and just know that you are doing a good thing for your body without messing with the poo. 
Stay tuned for an update as to what happens.....
I'm sure you can google "Liver Cleanse" or "Liver Flush" and find out all the wonderful things that this cleanse does for your body.  In short, it's a large organ with a lot of very important functions in the body.  It processes nutrients, makes bile, and removes (or stores) toxins from your body.  In actuality, it does about 500 things for your body.  I know that I have a weak liver because I have had really bad break-outs on my skin since I was in my mid-twenties.  They get so bad sometimes that I can't go out in public!  Skin issues are about the LIVER.  Oh, and if you are into the spiritual angle, it's about the emotion of ANGER as well.  Yea, I went through that phase and now the spiritual boomerang has come back 10-fold on me!! LOL

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