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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wading through it....

My path in life has definitely meandered and zig-zagged at, make that constantly.  So I guess you could say I have had quite a ride so far!  I am a seeker of adventure, new experiences, and knowledge (aka the truth).  Uh word for a spiritual seeker....seeking the "truth!"  Well, this is my blog and my page....I'm going to ping away!
A lot of people, including myself, go through life thinking that we're doing OK, got a job, got some friends, got some money but....  There are always things that we are blind to, denying, or not seeing that we are doing, how we are behaving... ALWAYS.  So you're going to deny that you are in denial about something?  Actually it is SO easy to do because we don't know what we don't know!!!!  If it's stuffed down there in our unconscious mind, then how the heck do we have access to it?  We just end up doing things unconsciously without thinking about it too much.
WELCOME TO MAINSTREAM CULTURE. This is the M.O. (mode of operation) of most people living day in and day out.  Maybe a lot of people wonder what life is about and what it's for.  I guess some do.  The reason I say that is because I am always questioning what I actually know.  I have, indeed, actually had conversations with some of my friends about these deeper questions.  But for the most part, those conversations have been few.  My mind is filled with all sorts of images from growing up with TV and being so exposed to the media throughout my life.  Sometimes I know that the opinion or belief that is spewing forth from my mouth is based in utter lies from this exposure.  Then I feel like a robot, saying something I heard somewhere else. Because in my head are all those images of man's quest for freedom and wisdom and the never search for holy grail....which have been put there by the media that I have been exposed to.  So how do separate those millions of images in my head with what I have actually experienced in my life?  Very hard, indeed.  So my beliefs?  My opinions?  Do I have direct experiences with every single opinion or belief that comes out of my mouth?  Absolutely NOT!
After an experience is over, ALL you have left is images in your brain.  The media knows this - otherwise how could they make so much money??  They just skip the experience part (sortof) and leave you with all the images they want you to have so that ... you buy their brand, you go shop there, you spend time doing this or that, you even start to believe that you should be doing something or going somewhere because of those images.  And your opinions? Your beliefs about the way life is?  It didn't all come from your family! Over a period of 20, 30, 40 years you are fully indoctrinated into a consumer-based, economical society that runs on the idea of never-ending growth (aka greed).  Yes this is simplified.  Why make it complicated?
So, finally I get to the crux of it.  Ignorance is bliss sometimes.  Then a mainstream, Standard American Diet-eating, financially secure in all the right ways person begins to feel horrible.  Naturally, they go to the doctor.  The doctor can't really say what's wrong right away.  Let's do some poking and prodding, drink this dye, put this up into your urethra, lie back, take it, it will hurt, I don't care....Round and round the merry-go-round we go until several months to several years later, when the college tuition of the doctors' children have been paid ten times over, you get a diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis (aka IC).  What the heck is that and what pill can I take to get rid of it?  Oh, no says the doctor.  This is something that you will have to live with and manage the best you can for the rest of your life.  Here's the short list of foods that will probably not trigger those nasty flares people with IC sometimes get.
It's OK, it's not her/his fault that s/he is just a trained technician able to dole out pills and advice.  I believe the medical industry is there to react in emergency situations like a broken arm, car crashes, etc.... GREAT!  But this type of DEGENERATIVE DISEASE is not a good thing to be handing over to a trained technician.  They just don't know.  Don't expect them to know.  It is not their fault.  Leave their office immediately!

Absolutely, under no circumstances are you to believe that just because this verdict came from a trained technician, that you are in any way supposed to live with IC or manage it for the rest of your life!!!
Absolutely, under no circumstances are you to believe that you are powerless in figuring this out!  After all baby, isn't this happening to YOU?  You know better than anyone what is going on!
It's time to break out of what the old paradigm that tells you what you are supposed to believe about sickness and disease and health and eating and living.....OK, everything!
If you are one not to rock the boat, a little mousy person, someone who doesn't speak up, or talk back, or kick back...then woman, ummmmmm...A lot of work has to be done which is to say YOU make the changes necessary that will allow for further changes later on.  But the thing with IC is that you are probably in pain!  So how do you go about not making waves AND stop the pain?  I don't see those two things as conducive to each other.  One must change their mind, their thinking, their very core beliefs about sickness and health and stand up for it against all odds and talk back and stand their ground and take their healing into their own hands and keep vigilant about it for weeks to months to years while going about ..... alkalizing their body to reduce and stop all pain.
The solution to the disease called IC is so simple that hunny, it could slap you in the face right now and you wouldn't see it coming.  You must alkalize your body.  That is the only thing you need to do.  Why didn't the doctor tell you that?  Does s/he even know?  What if s/he doesn't know, as with most allopathic doctors?  Look at the state of the world and all the suffering that is going on - look at your suffering.  Now tell me, what do you think the doctors know?  Ummmm......OK.
The root of suffering is because our thinking, our beliefs, our behaviors, our systems, the way we live is SO out of sync, out of date, old.....AND because we are not alkaline.  We are supposed to be alkaline.  There is no disease, other than a dis-ease of the mind, that can occur inside the human body if it is alkaline.  Why didn't the doctor tell you that?  OK you get the point!  Now that you know that one gem of knowledge about life, it is your responsibility to now go out and buy a book on alkalizing the body.  Read it, learn, gain knowledge for self-healing and to help others, and be prepared to come up against others who refuse to change their thinking for a better tomorrow and will argue with you about this.
Google "alkaline foods."  Eat those.  Make green smoothies with those. Do this every day.  Drink alkaline water.  Buy pH test strips and test your pee 4 times a day.  See that it is working.  You will feel better too.

Some women say the alkaline diet makes their symptoms worse.  I say that once you alkalize, your body then begins to bring out more acids from inner tissue to release them and this may cause an initial time of more pain.  The big missing piece of knowledge about what is happening is that now your body has all the nutrients it needs or desires to heal your tissues.  So moving through this "flare-up" is paramount in the healing crisis.  Just because a flare happens, are you going to give up on the only thing that is going to bring true healing to your body?  Quitting during a flare and saying "This is crap - it doesn't work" tells me you have not done your homework.  You do not understand true healing.  Get through the flare.  Go back to what you were eating. Go back to the library or bookstore and read some more.  Learn more. Because I'm telling ya girlfriend, once you understand what is actually happening (it is simple!) you will push through and stick with this crazy idea of alkalizing and move into a glorious state of health and wellness that you have never experienced before.  Don't take my word for it!  Do it yourself.


  1. Wonderful! Just found your blog Sunny, through your YouTube channel. I love what you've written and it makes so much sense. I've been alkalizing since November last year and my IC is finally healing. No conventional medicine ever helped me feel this good. We've got to take our responsibilty back and stop trusting these medical practioners who, quite frankly, don't have a cure for IC on their agendas. If that were the case, Big Pharma would go broke, and they can't have that now!

  2. Yes I agree totally! If more people really understood nutrition and the body processes AND what the body really needs, there wouldn't be a need for the huge medical industry. There wouldn't be so much suffering in the world!